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Publish Open Access for free or with a discount: Sage

What are the main outlines of the agreement with Sage?

Free in 900+ hybrid journals, 20% discount in 150+ full OA journals


License and conditions

  • Corresponding authors must be affiliated to Radboud University / Radboudumc.
  • The agreement covers: Original Papers, Review Papers, Brief Communications, Continuing Education, Case Reports, Letters to the editor and Invited Letters.
  • Valid for publications entered into SAGE’s production system during the term of this agreement. Open access discounts cannot be claimed after publication.
  • 100% discount on open access article processing charge for 900+ SAGE Choice journals.
  • For the 150+  SAGE Pure Gold open access journals (list of OA journals) a 20% reduction on open access publishing costs is automatically applied.

How does it work?

  • Sage will recognize the corresponding author as a researcher of Radboud University / Radboudumc, based on e-mail affiliation and selected institution. Authors should therefore use their institutional email address.
  • Upon acceptance of the article for publication in a SAGE Choice journal, the corresponding author receives an email from SAGE with the request to complete a form and return it immediately. The publisher will send you a personal message with a request to fill out a form and send it by return mail. The article is made open access without cost if SAGE receives the form in a timely manner. The form asks for a code, but you do not have to fill it out. Articles cannot be made open access after publication.
  • The 20% discount for publication in SAGE's Pure Gold Access Journal (list of OA journalswill automatically be applied to the author processing charge (APC) when the corresponding autor is recognized as affiliated to Radboud University / Radboudumc.