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Publish Open Access for free or with a discount: CUP

What are the main outlines of the agreement with Cambridge University Press?


370 hybrid journals & open access journals



Hybrid and full open access journals are included in this deal.


License and conditions

  • There is an agreement with Cambridge University Press to publish open access without any costs in more than 370 hybrid and full open access journals. Search the Open Access Journal Browser (below) to find out if a journal is part of the agreement.
  • Corresponding authors of Radboud University or Radboudumc can publish open access without any costs in these journals.
  • Publication types that are part of the deal: original research articles, review articles, rapid communication, brief Reports, case reports.
  • NB. Please note that there is a maximum of 1500 cost free open access publications in total for this agreement. When the maximum is about to be reached, a notification will be placed here.

How does it work?

  • Corresponding authors must use their institutional email address during submission.
  • After an article has been accepted, the corresponding author may indicate under which affiliation he/she submitted the article; CUP will know that the author is entitled to remission.
  • Cleck the 'Apply Discount' button confirm open access publication.

Which journals are covered?

What about journals that aren't covered?
Those are mostly society titles. A researcher can, of course, still make an individual decision to publish in one of the full open access journals. As these journals are not part of the Big Deal, the APCs will still need to be paid by the researcher. Or request the APC to be waived by the journal. This, however, may be denied. So it best to make a waiver request before submitting an article.