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EndNote 20 Basic course

4.2 Searching in an EndNote library

You can search inside a library via the box Simple Search at the top. The complete library is searched when All References are selected.

EndNote also has an extensive search function. We shall look at this more closely.
You already worked with this function in chapter 3.5 in which we were searching in a bibliographic database via the EndNote interface.
Now we use this function to search inside your own EndNote library.

You will see the screen showed below via 
at the top right or via Tools - Advanced Search.
We already entered a search term in the screen below.

By default the search is for truncated words (i.e. stemming plus all potential variations to word endings).
If you search for learn as we did in the screen above, you will also find references with learned or learning etc.

A more complex search is also possible, for instance search for references with the author Sekiya and the year > 1997.
See the screen below. 

Via the button Search options you can save searches and saved searches can be executed again.