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EndNote 20 Basic course

4.6 Groups

In EndNote you can organise the references in Groups. This gives a library more structure.
It is also possible to create smart groups to which references that meet certain criteria are automatically assigned.

You can create a Group as follows: Open an EndNote library and click on Groups at the top of the screen.

On the left of the screen a window appears in which you can type the name of the new group.

You can also find the new group there.
References can be placed in this group by selecting references and then clicking Add References to under Groups. 
Then choose the group where you want to place the references.
You can also choose the method of 'drag and drop' to add the references to a group.
Your groups are visible on the left side of the screen. 

Smart Groups are groups in which records are automatically added based on a search.
Smart Groups are created as follows:
At the top of the screen you click on Groups and then on Create Smart Group.
You give a name to the group and state the search terms which must occur in the reference and click on Create.
On the left you see the smart group and this one is filled with references which meet the criteria.

Below you see a print screen with 2 Smart Groups with names and content.