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EndNote 20 Basic course

Assignment 1

Assignment 1: Entering references manually

You can do this assignment after section 3.2


  1. Create a new library in EndNote
  2. Import the Term List Philosophy in this library
    This is what you should do:
    • Library
    • Define Term Lists
    • Journals under tab "Lists"
    • Import List
    • Choose the list Philosophy (most probably to be found at ...\program files\EndNote 20\Term Lists)
  3. Enter the following references:

    Author: M. C. LaFollette
    Title: Stealing into print : fraud, plagiarism, and misconduct in scientific publishing
    Year: 1992
    Publisher: Berkeley, CF.: University of California Press
    ISBN: 0-520-07831-4
    Keyword: Plagiarism; Scholarly publications; fraude

    Journal article:
    Author:  Goodyear, Rodney K; Crego, Clyde A; Johnston, Michael W
    Title:  Ethical issues in the supervision of student research: A study of critical incidents.
    Source:  Professional Psychology. Jun 1992; Vol 23 (3): 203-210. DOI: 10.1037//0735-7028.23.3.203

    Chapter in edited book:
    Author: Thomassen, Nigel F
    Title: Research and Publication.
    Year: 2005
    Source: Nagy, Thomas F, Ethics in plain English: An illustrative casebook for psychologists, 2nd ed. (pp.195-248).
    Washington, DC, US: American Psychological Association.

Please review the following points when you’re done:

  • Did you find the correct reference types for the different references?
  • Could you enter the information given in the correct fields?
  • When you entered the journal article, did you make use of the suggestions for the name of the journal that appeared during typing?