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EndNote 20 Basic course

4.1 Looking at references

When you open an EndNote library, you see the references in a short form. In most cases you see author(s), year, part of the title, journal, reference type. One way you can manage what you would like to see in this screen is via Edit - Preferences - Display Fields.

You can select references by clicking on one. In the screen below this is done for 1 reference (the 6th from the top).

The selected reference is shown on the right and you will be able to edit the data or attach a file. The reference is furthermore shown in the output style which is defined at that moment, in this case APA 7th. You can change the output style using the drop-down menu next to style APA 7th.

In the example above the following fields are shown:

You can change this, for example by adding the record number EndNote assigns to each record. This can be useful, for example if you work together and want to divide the literature among participants.
You can activate this change by placing the cursor in the bar shown in the figure above, click right and then make the change you want, for instance placing a check mark before “Record Number” to include this in the short presentation.

Recently added references

This group shows references added to the library in the last 24 hours (default), 7 days, 14 days, or 30 days.