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EndNote 20 Basic course

Assignment 2

Assignment 2: Direct export from Web of Science

You can do this assignment after section 3.3

You can only do this assignment if you have access to the Web of Science (on campus; off campus employees and students of RU and Radboudumc can log in).
Also the EndNote program should be installed on your PC.

  1. Go to the Web of Science (can be found on
  2. Search for nursing homes and Netherlands or a subject of your own choice in the Web of Science.
  3. At the top of the search results you see: 

    Open this menu and choose EndNote Desktop.
    Then choose “All records on page”, and “Full record”.
  4. EndNote will now open and the references will be transferred to your library.
    It is also possible that a file is placed on your PC; you must click on that file to open EndNote.


Have a look at your library:

  • Have the references been transferred correctly?
  • Did all the data end up in the right EndNote reference field?
  • Do the references have the correct reference types?