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Publish Open Access for free or with a discount: OUP

What are the main outlines of the agreement with Oxford University Press?

Publish without costs in almost 350 hybrid journals by OUP.

  • Publish without costs in 348 hybrid open access journals by OUP.
  • See this list for an overview of the inlcuded journals or use the Open Access Journal Browser to find out of a specific journal is part of the agreement.
  • Fully (or gold) open access journals, published by OUP, are NOT included.
  • Corresponding authors must be affiliated to Radboud University or Radboudumc.
  • Publication types that are part of the agreement: original research, review articles and clinical research.
  • Yearly all VSNU participants together are allowed to publish a maximum of 760 articles.
  • Valid from 2021-2023.

How to receive this discount? See the box 'How does it work' below.

How does it work?

  • The corresponding author logs on to Author Services of OUP with his personal credentials.
  • The corresponding author will be presented with the available licence options for the journal in which their article is due to publish. Select an open access licence (one of the CC-BY licenses) and confirm that you have read the Author Copyright Agreement and will pay any applicable charges. Please note that you first need to confirm that you will pay the charges; you'll get the option to refer the charges to the Dutch Universities in the next page. You will be presented with the associated open access charge. 
  • In the dropdown list of institutions beneath ‘Open Access Prepayment Account’ on the Article Charges page, select Dutch universities and academic hospitals. Check the Refer Charge? box next to the open access charge. If you then click on refer charge at the bottom of the page, you make sure that the costs will be paid by the pre-payment account of the Dutch universities.
  • The university to which the corresponding author is affiliated has to approve this request. 

License and conditions

  • The agreement for publishing in open access is put into action for 2021 until 2023 for a total of 760 articles per year.
  • Corresponding authors of all Dutch universities and UMC’s can make use of it.
  • Corresponding authors must be affiliated to one of the Dutch universities.

More information is available on the website of Oxford University Press.

To what journals does this agreement apply?

Please note that the deal does not apply to all OUP journals. A few hybrid journals as well as all full open access journals are excluded from the agreement.