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RUQuest (English): Journal search

This guide is currently being updated to correspond to the new interface of RUQuest. Some terms and screenshots might reflect the older version.

Journal search

Via the University Library homepage: Click the tab Journals

Quick search: you can search all journals using title words. For a more specific search, use the search key tk. Example: tk:chemistry 
You can also find journals by their ISSN via Advanced search

Some journals can't be found using abbreviations, e.g. PNAS.

Use distinctive words instead:
proceedings national sciences for Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences


Browsing through eJournals A-Z

Click on the Library Links button on the top right-hand side and select eJournals A-Z. You can browse the alphabetical list for the journal title or search for the journal title or ISSN using the "search box".

Use distinctive words, e.g.:
american economics sociology for the American Journal of Economics & Sociology

eJournals A-Z
Enter the number in the ISSN search box.

Journals in print
To find journals which are physically housed in the Library search RUQuest. Journals can not be borrowed, they are only available for inspection.

Requesting journals or articles

Closed Stack
Use the button 'Request item' to request the journal. You can consult the journal in the Central Library or the Medical Library.

Request outside RU
When you'd like to request an article or printed book that's not at the Radboud University, you can request it via the button Request item other libraries. More information on this website.


Only available outside The Netherlands?
Requesting an item from outside The Netherlands is often possible as well, please see the page Request outside RU(ILL). However, this might take a long time and cost a lot more; you might consider submitting a recommended purchase.