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RUQuest (English): Book search

This guide is currently being updated to correspond to the new interface of RUQuest. Some terms and screenshots might reflect the older version.

Searching for a known item using (a combination of) title and author keywords

Via the University Library homepage: Click the tab Books

You can search by author in the standard search bar.


ToelichtingMake sure you search for all name variants, e.g. au:Aiden Keath Woodbead AND au:Aiden K. Woodbead AND au:A.K. Woodbead

You can search by title in the standard search bar.

ti:companion to experimental philosophy

ToelichtingDon't use articles (the, a, an) at the beginning of the title in your search query.

You can use operators to combine your search terms, to either narrow or broaden your set of results:

  • AND: all search terms must be present in the resulting records
  • OR: any of your search terms can be present in the resulting records
  • NOT: exclude words from your search

Use quotation marks when searching for a phrase.

Getting (too) many results?
Use the left-hand menu option Format to further refine your search.

Clicking the Advanced Search link under the initial search bar takes you to a form that allows a more controlled search.

  • On the left side choose Author or Title in the drop down box
  • On the right side enter your search terms

It is possible to combine search terms by using a second row. You'll be given a choice on how to combine your search terms.

  • AND: all search terms must be present in the resulting records
  • OR: any of your search terms can be present in the resulting records
  • NOT: exclude terms from your search

Need more rows? Click on the Add row button.

Using Phrase is not recommended: you will lose relevant results. It is better to use quotation marks when searching for a phrase.


Further down you can limit your search by using Format.


Click on the title of an item to view the details. If an electronic version is available at Radboud University, click on Access online.Can't download the book?
Please get in touch! Use Ask Your Librarian or visit your nearest library.

E-books are not filtered by library location, but placed under Radboud University.

In the list of results, you'll see where a book is stored and if it is available. Click on your desired title and click Availability/Holdings for more information.

  • Open stacks (reference only) & 'available'

This book can not be borrowed, you can request it for inspection in the library.

This is study literature in the Library of Science (hence STU in the Call number). It is for reference only.


  • Open Stacks (lendable) & 'available'

You can get the book from the shelf yourself. The Call number shows where the book is located.
adresses of library locations

  • Open Stacks (lendable) & 'checked out'

The book is borrowed by someone else. You can make a reservation via the red button Request item.



  • Closed Stacks (lendable) & 'available'

The book is in the depot. You can reserve it via the button Request item.

  • Gymnasion or Verdieping

"Gymnasion" is part of the depot. Request the item via the Request item button.
The "Verdieping" is a location in the Central Library, where you can retrieve the books from the shelf yourself.

This book is in the depot. Request it via the button Request item.

If it says View all editions, this usually means that more than one edition of the book is available at the Library. Click on the title and then on the Editions & Formats tab to see all editions held by the Radboud University.

No hits
You can expand your search to libraries worldwide:

Found your desired item? You can request it:

Request outside RU
When you'd like to request an article or printed book that's not at the Radboud University, you can request it via the button Request item other libraries. More information on this website.


Only available outside The Netherlands?
Requesting an item from outside The Netherlands is often possible as well, please see the page Request outside RU(ILL). However, this might take a long time and cost a lot more; you might consider submitting a recommended purchase.