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RUQuest (English): Search tips

Search keys for quick search

Search for ... Search key    Example
Author au: au:shakespeare
ISBN bn: bn:97814438984447
ISSN n2: n2:21695377
Series se: se:Loeb classical library
Subject su: su:islam
Title ti: ti:brief history of time
All words kw: kw:corporate social responsibility
Format x0: journal x0:jrnl
book x0:book
e-book x0:book + x4:digital
Person as subject  na: na:dickens
Year of publication yr: 1960 and earlier yr:-1960
1999 and after yr:1999-
1980 - 1983 yr:1980..3
Genre ge: ge:novel
Journals tk: tk:chemistry

Often-used combinations

Search for ... Example Extra info
Author's books au:eggers AND x0:book Also chapters of author
Journals with title words ti:business ethics AND x0:jrnl  
E-journals with title words ti:business ethics AND x0:jrnl + x4:digital  
Books with title words ti:business ethics AND x0:book  
E-books with title words ti:business ethics AND x0:book + x4:digital  
Journals on a subject su:"business ethics" AND x0:jrnl Use quotes if your query consists of more than 1 word
Books on a subject su:"business ethics" AND x0:book


Combining search terms

  • It is possible to use AND, OR and NOT in your searches. Note: these must be written in capitals!
    You can choose AND, OR and NOT in an Advanced search.
  • Use quotation marks ".." to do phrase searching.
    Example:"european cities" returns European cities an not African cities and European conquest.

Truncation and wildcards

  • * (asterisk): add to the end of a word to retrieve variant endings; search returns records with 0 or more characters in place of the truncation symbol.
    connect* retrieves connect, connection, connectivity, etc.
  • # (pound sign): Replaces one character in a search.
    wom#n retrieves woman and women.
  • ? (question mark): replaces 0 to 9 unknown characters in a search term.
    encyclop?dia retrieves encyclopedia and encyclopaedia.

Other tips

  • Braces {..} and square brackets [..] are ignored in your search. A slash / in your search terms, however, is taken into account.
  • It is possible to search for a molecular formula such as CH3CH2OH.