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RUQuest (English): Export


In case you have found an interesting book or article, you can choose to save or export the record.

Exporting or saving one hit

You will see the following buttons in the list of results and on the details page of a publication:

See the box Export options on the right side of this page for more information.

Exporting or saving multiple hits

Click on the small star icon next to the publication(s) you wish to save.

The star will turn red to indicate the item is saved in your Saved Items, which you can find at the top right of the results list:

Here you can choose to export or e-mail your results using the buttons Cite or Email.

Note that the the items will only be temporarily saved during that session. If you wish to permanently save the items, make sure you are logged in, click on Saved Items, and choose the option Create List:

In this way you can create a personal list that you can consult, e-mail or export at a later moment.

This personal list can be shared with others. When creating or editing the list, you can set the slider button under Privacy from Private to Shared. When you save these settings, you will see a link that you can use to share the list.

You can also export or e-mail the personal list in the same way as the temporary Saved Items list. For more detailed information about these options, see the right side of this page.

Export options

Using the button , you can export the details to your reference manager. It is currently possible to select Endnote, Refworks or RIS. There is also the option to directly copy a formatted citation using a style of your choice.

Check whether all the information has been exported.

Reference managers

Would you like to find out more about reference managers? Take a look at the following LibGuides:

Or sign up for an instruction or a workshop.

The button gives you a link to the item and the option to share it via e-mail.

The first sharing option on the screen is a link. This can be used, for instance, to share course literature on Brightspace as a lecturer. When someone opens the link, they will see the details of the publication as presented in RUQuest.

The second option on the screen is sending the item details by email. This email will contain some basic information about the publication, a link to the item in RUQuest, and (if applicable) its shelving code.

Using the button , you can save hits to a temporary list.

This list can be found by clicking Saved Items, in the top right of the results screen. Here you can choose to export or e-mail a selection of items.

When logged in, you will see the following options:

With Create List you can save the selected items as a permanent list in your own account. There you will find the same export options as below. (The Saved/My Items list, however, will only be available until the end of the session.)

With the Email option, you can send an e-mail with basic information about the selected publications, links to the items in RUQuest, and (if applicable) their shelving code.

With Cite you can export the selected results to a reference manager or copy a formatted citation. See the tab Export in this box for details.

With Move you can add the selected items to an already existing personal list.

With Delete you can remove the selected items from this temporary list.