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RUQuest (English): Export

This guide is currently being updated to correspond to the new interface of RUQuest. Some terms and screenshots might reflect the older version.


Exporting/saving one hit
You will see the following button in the list of results and the details:

Clicking on the triangle brings up the following options:

Click in the box Export options on the right at the grey tabs for more information.

Exporting/saving multiple hits
Click on the small star icon next to the reference you wish to save.

The star will turn blue to indicate the item is saved in My List.

Note that the the items will only be temporarily saved during that session. If you wish to permanently save the items, log in and use the cog wheel at the right of My list to create a Personal list. However, a Personal list can not be exported at once!

Go to My List (top-right), click on the export buttonand select Email record or Cite record.

Export options

Only one email address may be entered at a time. You will receive an email containing information about the item, see example:

This provides a link to the item concerned. This works as follows:

You can use this link in Brightspace, for example, for compulsory or recommended reading. When you open the link you see all the information relating to the item, presented in RUQuest:

If you choose this option you can export the details to your reference manager. It is currently possible to select Endnote or Refworks.
Click on Cite with [reference manager] to export the result details to your reference manager. It is possible to select a citation style (next to Cite with) but the choice is limited and you can always change the style in the reference manager programme.

Check whether all the information has been exported.


Reference managers
Would you like to find out more about reference managers? Take a look at the following Libguides:

Or sign up for an instruction or a workshop.

It is also possible to export all the items on your list in one go. Go to My List (top-right), click on the export button   and select Email record or Cite to record.

Although it says record (singular), RUQuest exports all the records in this case.