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ILL: Inter Library Loan


Borrowing books from Dutch libraries
When a book is not available in the collection of Radboud University or is checked out, you can submit an ILL request in RUQuest for a copy from another library in the Netherlands.
If the requested book is supplied, you shall receive an e-mail notification.

Request copies from Dutch libraries
For copy requests of articles in journals or parts of books that are not available in the Radboud University collection, you can submit an ILL  request in RUQuest for a copy from another library  in the Netherlands.
Supplied copies (PDF) are placed in the User Portal in RUQuest, you shall receive an e-mail notification containing password and PDF download instructions.

Important to know:

  • Ebooks are excluded from ILL due to license terms, both for loan and copy.
  • Requests for reference only books will be cancelled. Applicant will be notified about this.
  • Note: You will not receive a message if an ILL request cannot be supplied. You have to keep an eye on that yourself in the User Portal in RUQuest.