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Library guide Law: Subject categories

Overview of legal literature, law sources and information relating to academic education and research

 Subject categories of the law collection

A Reference works and bibliographies
B Sources: laws and case law collections
C Law general
D Philosophy of law and theory of law
F Sociology of law, women and law, psychology of law, legal economics
G History of law, Roman law and Canon law
H Civil law, civil procedural law
J International private law, uniform and transnational private law
K Tax law
L Social law
M Constitutional Law
N Administrative law and public administration
P Criminal (procedural) law and criminology
R Migration law (aliens and asylum law)
T Mixed functional legal areas
• Ta Agrarian law
• Tb Building law
• Tc Consumer law (including product liability)
• Te Economic law
• Tg Health law
• Th Landlord and tenant law
• Ti Information, communication and media law
• Tk Juvenile law
• Tm Environmental law
• Tp Military law
• Tv Traffic law
• Tz Mixed legal areas: other subjects
W European law
Z International law
CIDOR Centre for Information and Documentation Business and Law
EDC European Documentation Centre
ts Journal


Reference works and bibliographies

A10 General encyclopaedic works
A11 Statistical data, general
A12 Language dictionaries
A16 Abbreviation lexicons
A18 Guides from libraries and documentation institutions; works relating to the library system
A20 Legal reference works: encyclopaedias, dictionaries, lexicons
A24 Almanacs and directories: general and legal
A26 Bibliographies, general and legal
A28 Registers relating to legislation, case law and legal literature
A30 Books of legal forms and examples
A40 Skills: general and legal Including language skills
A50 Information about academic education, research and careers: general and legal
A54 Information about the Faculty of Law


Sources: laws and case law collections

B. .. .05 Collection of laws
B. .. .07 Case law collections


Law general

C10 Law: general and history
C.12. .. Series: general (sub-classification by country)
C.14. .. Collections of essays, collected works (sub-classification by country)
C.20. .. Professional practice, organisations, education (possibly with sub classification by country)
C30 Doctrine and methodology of law
C32 IT law (legal aspects of IT)
C33 Law information science (IT applications in law)
C.40. .. Law of individual countries: general and introductory (sub-classification by country)
C42 Comparative law
C44 Legal systems: general
C46 Legal systems: individual legal systems
C50 Law: other


Philosophy of law and theory of law

D10 Bibliographies and other reference works
D12 Series, yearbooks, conference proceedings
D14 Collections of essays, collected works
D18 Philosophy: general and introductory
D20 Philosophy of law and theory of law: general, introductory, history, movements
D22 Texts of/about classical authors (see separate list below)
D24 Philosophy of law and political/social philosophy
D25 Philosophy of law and ethics, natural law, human rights, legal ethics
D27 Law and philosphy of science, epistemology, hermeneutics, judicial decision-making theory, judge-made law
D29 Philosophy of law and linguistic philosophy/linguistic theory, logic and argumentation theory
D30 Philosophy and theory of jurisdiction and special subjects
D40 Philosophy of law and theory of law: other

List of classical authors

  • Thomas van Aquino
  • Aristoteles
  • John Austen
  • Jeremy Bentham
  • Walther Burckhardt
  • Cicero
  • Herman Dooyeweerd
  • Ronald Dworkin
  • Friedrich Engels
  • Hugo de Groot
  • H.L.A. Hart
  • G.W.F. Hegel
  • Thomas Hobbes
  • David Hume
  • Rudolph von Jhering
  • Immanuel Kant
  • Hans Kelsen
  • John Locke
  • Niccolò Machiavelli
  • Karl Marx
  • John Stuart Mill
  • Montesquieu
  • Nietzsche
  • Chaïm Perelman
  • Plato
  • Gustav Radbruch
  • John Rawls
  • Jean-Jacques Rousseau
  • Friedrich W.J. von Schelling
  • Benedictus de Spinoza
  • Vienna School of Legal Theory
  • (Various classical authors)

Sociology of law, women and law, psychology of law, legal economics

F10 Bibliographies and other reference works
F12 Series, yearbooks, conference proceedings
F14 Collections of essays, collected works
F15 Social Sciences, General and Research Methods & Techniques
F16 Sociology/political science/psychology (including methodology and philosophy of the social sciences): general, introductory, subsectors, history
F17 Sociology/political science/psychology: special subjects
F18 Economics: general (including series), introductory, subsectors, history, classical authors
F19 Economics: special subjects
F20 Sociology of law: general, introductory, history (handbooks and textbooks)
F22 Sociology of law: thematic
Sociology of legal subjects (legal principles, fundamental notions, legal areas) law and society (societal influence on the law, societal operation of the law)
F25 Social organisation of the law (legal organisations)
F26 Citizens and the law
Interpretations of the law, acceptance of law, access to the law, citizenship
F27 Law and equal treatment, social equality/division, discrimination, minority groups, class justice
F30 Women and law: bibliographies, series, yearbooks, conference proceedings and collections of essays
F36 Women and law: general, introductory, history
F38 Women and law: special subjects
F40 Sociology of law: other
F50 Psychology of law
F60 Economics of law


History of law, Roman law and Canon law


History of law

G10 Bibliographies and other reference works
G12 Series, yearbooks, conference proceedings
G14 Collections of essays and collected works
G20 General (as an academic discipline, including science of history)
G30 History of law of European countries (including history subjects) general (Europe, including ancient history of law)
G.30. .. History of law of the individual European countries (sub-classification by European country and zz code (several European countries and legal comparisons))

History of law of the Low Countries (including history subjects) Bibliographies and other reference works Series, yearbooks, conference proceedings Collections of essays and collected works Biographies and source publications General literature Public law (not regional) Private law (not regional) Other (not regional)

History of law of the Low Countries, regional General/several regions Friesland and Groningen Drenthe and Overijssel Guelders (Gelre) Bishopric Utrecht Holland and Zeeland Brabant Limburg Flanders, Hainaut (Henegouwen), Liege, Namur, Malines (Mechelen) Dutch law outside Europe
G70 History of law: other


Roman law

G80 Bibliographies and other reference works
G82 Series, yearbooks and conference proceedings
G84 Collections of essays and collected works
G85 Sources, publications about sources, biographical works
G86 General and legal areas (public and private law) general: handbooks and textbooks
G87 Legal themes and other subjects
G89 Medieval and reception


Canon law

G90 Bibliographies and other reference works
G92 Series, yearbooks and conference proceedings
G94 Collections of essays and collected works
G95 Sources (texts, legislation) and publications about sources
G96 Sources (texts, legislation) and publications about sources
G97 Ecclesiastical legal themes and other subjects
G98 Church law


Civil law, civil procedural law


Civil law

H. .. .05 Legislation (general)
H. .. .07 Case law (general)
H. .. .10 Bibliographies and other reference works
H. .. .12 Series, yearbooks, conference proceedings
H. .. .14 Collections of essays and collected works
H. .. .20 Civil law: general, introductory, history
H. .. .30 Law of persons and family law
H. .. .32 Matrimonial property law
H. .. .40 Property law: general
H. .. .42 Law of property
Property, proprietorship, administration, ownership (statutory rights and duties between neighbours, common ownership and apartment rights) and other ways of acquisition, transfer, collateral, including pledges and mortgages, limited right of enjoyment (including easement, usufruct, ground leases and buildings)
H. .. .60 Obligations in general: general
(Surveys, handbooks and textbooks)
H. .. .62 Obligations in general: special subjects
Including creation, transfer and dissolution, compliance/non-compliance, damages
H. .. .64 Obligations in law
Unlawful deed, management of another’s affairs, undue payments, unlawful enrichment
H. .. .66 Agreements, general, juristic acts and agreement
Including nullity, annulment, error, deceit and effect on third parties
H. .. .68 Special agreements
Purchase, exchange, rental, instruction, mandate, mediation, acceptance of work, gifts, loans for use or consumption, securities, settlement agreements and leases
NOTE: For labour agreements, see labour law (tab L)
H. .. .70 Commercial law: general
H. .. .72 Law of artifical persons
H. .. .73 Company law
Covering company law, types of companies, accounting and reporting rules
H. .. .74 Insolvency law (see also CIDOR)
H. .. .75 Law relating to transport and payments
Trade purchases, transport, operation of means of transport, intermediaries, bills and cheques and bearer documents, banking and securities law
H. .. .76 Insurance law
H. .. .77 Intellectual property: general
H. .. .78 Copyright law and neighbouring rights
H. .. .79 Other intellectual rights
Patent law, designs and models law, trademark law, trade name law
H. .. .90 Civil law: other


Law of civil procedure

H. .. .105 Legislation
H. .. .107 Case law
H. .. .110 Bibliographies and other reference works
H. .. .112 Series, yearbooks, conference proceedings
H. .. .114 Collections of essays and collected works
H. .. .120 Law of civil procedure: general, principles, history
H. .. .121 Bodies (and their competences) in the law of civil procedure
H. .. .122 Judicial process: general and special
Common and special proceedings, including legal remedies: objections, appeals, appeals in cassation, retrials on the ground of fresh evidence, request for reviews under civil law
H. .. .124 Law of evidence
H. .. .126 Execution and attachment
H. .. .128 Other types of arbitration of disputes
H. .. .130 Law of civil procedure: other

International private law, uniform and transnational private law


International private law

J. .. .05 Statutory regulations, treaties, principles, restatements
J. .. .07 Case law
J. .. .10 Bibliographies and other reference works
J. .. .12 Series, yearbooks, conference proceedings
J. .. .14 Collections of essays and collected works
J. .. .20 General section on conflict of laws (handbooks, textbooks, conflict rules, methods), treaty law, history
J. .. .30 Special section on conflict of laws
Law of persons and family law, legal entities, property law, commercial law, law of obligations, insolvency, etc.
J. .. .40 Procedural law: jurisdiction, recognition and enforcement
International cases that national lawyers may handle; conditions for and extent of legal effect of international judicial decisions; conditions for and method of enforcement of international judicial decisions; international civil procedural law
J. .. .44 Arbitration
J. .. .50 International private law: other
Including State contracts


Uniform and transnational private law

J. .. .60 General
J. .. .64 Separate legal areas

Tax Law

K. .. .05 Legislation
K. .. .07 Case law
K. .. .10 Bibliographies and other reference works
K. .. .12 Series, yearbooks, conference proceedings
K. .. .14 Collections of essays and collected works
K. .. .20 Tax law: general and introductory (handbooks, textbooks, Overviews) history
including the doctrine of taxation: concept, principles, aims, tax systems
K. .. .30 Income tax and wage tax
K. .. .32 Company tax and capital gains tax
K. .. .34 Turnover tax, excise and import duties
K. .. .36 Inheritance tax, gift tax and transfer tax
K. .. .38 Other taxes
K. .. .40 Formal tax law, fiscal procedural law
Including collection, tax authorities, tax evasion (fraus legis);
for fiscal criminal law see also:special criminal laws P
K. .. .50 International tax law; in and outside the Netherlands
K.zz.58 International tax law: IBFD collection
K. .. .60 Tax law: other subjects and subjects concerning several tax-related aspects


Social law

L. .. .05 Legislation
L. .. .07 Case law (journals)
L. .. .10 Bibliographies and other reference works
L. .. .12 Series, yearbooks, conference proceedings (labour and social security law)
L. .. .14 Collections of essays and collected works
L. .. .20 Social law: general and introductory (handbooks, textbooks, overviews), history
L. .. .24 Social law: special subjects
L. .. .30 Labour law: general, introductory, history (including administration of justice)
L. .. .31 Individual labour law: labour agreements law: general
Including employment relationships, flexible labour relations, part-time work, temporary employment agency work, fixed-term employment contracts, volunteers, employment and the disabled
L. .. .32 Individual labour law: labour agreements law, special subjects, not including dismissals) (including realisation of employment contracts, rights and obligations of employers and employees, pay, interruptions, changes and fringe benefits)
L. .. .33 Law on termination of employment
L. .. .34 Collective labour law: Collective Bargaining law, Extraordinary Labour Relations Decree (BBA), employment conditions (policy)
Including wage policy and employment relationships
L. .. .35 Collective labour law: right of participation, right to organise (trade unions, collaborative bodies)
L. .. .36 Dispute resolution: collective conflicts (including strikes, collective-bargaining conflicts, participation conflicts) and disputes concerning individual employment contracts (including individual right of complaint)
L. .. .38 Occupational health and safety law
L. .. .39 International labour law; in and outside the Netherlands (including ILO)
L. .. .40 Labour law: other
Including subjects of labour organisation, labour market (policy)
L. .. .50 Social security law: general, introductory, principles/general notions, history Including administration of justice and literature about the social security system
L. .. .52 Social Security: general
L. .. .53 Social Security: individual laws (employee insurance: unemployment, illness, incapacity to work, medical expenses insurance, Supplementary Benefits Act, Dutch national insurance: General Old Age Pensions Act (AOW), Surviving Dependants Act (ANW), Exceptional Medical Expenses Act (AWBZ), General Invalidity Benefits Act (AAW) and other special subjects
L. .. .55 Social benefits: general
L. .. .56 Social benefits: individual laws (including Social Assistance Act and special government schemes based on this scheme, General Child Benefit Act (AKW), Sheltered Employment Act (WSW), Services for the Disabled Act (WVG) and other special subjects)
L. .. .57 Pensions
L. .. .58 Law enforcement and legal protection/dispute resolution (procedural law)
L. .. .59 International social security law; in and outside the Netherlands
L. .. .60 Social Security Law: other subjects


Constitutional Law, State and politics


Constitutional Law

M. .. .05 Legislation (general); (including commentaries) (=type)
M. .. .07 Case law (general)
M. .. .10 Bibliographies and other reference works
M. .. .12 Series (general), yearbooks, reports, preliminary advice
M. .. .14 Collections of essays and collected works
M. .. .20 Constitutional law: general, introductory, history; science of constitutional law
M. .. .22 Constitution, constitutional history, constitutional commentaries and constitutional rules (for the Netherlands, also the Charter of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Constitution of the Netherlands Antilles/Aruba)
M. .. .23 Other Acts of Parliament
M. .. .24 Fundamental rights
M. .. .26 The Government (including individual ministers and departments)
M. .. .27 Parliamentary system, parliament, political parties, right to vote
M. .. .28 Advisory boards / High institutions of State
M. .. .30 (About the process of) Legislation
M. .. .40 Administration (including foreign relations, treaties, defence, emergency powers legislation, finance)
M. .. .50 The judiciary, administration of justice
M. .. .60 Local authorities, decentralised administration
M. .. .70 Constitutional law: other special subjects/issues
M. .. .80 Constitutional parliamentary history, biographies and first-person documents


State and politics (in particular, constitutional theory, political philosophy, political theories)

M10 State and politics: about state and politics in general
General constitutional theory, political theories, political philosophy, various theories of State
M20 State and politics: special subjects


Administrative law and public administration


Administrative law

N. .. .05 Legislation and treaties
N. .. .07 Case law
N. .. .10 Bibliographies and other reference works
N. .. .12 Series, yearbooks, conference proceedings
N. .. .14 Collections of essays
N. .. .20 General administrative law: general and introductory (handbooks, textbooks, surveys) history
N. .. .22 General administrative law: basic principles, characteristics, doctrines, including administrative bodies and administrative authority, decisions of administrative bodies (including administrative decisions [e.g. on subsidies], policy rules and plans)
N. .. .24 General administrative law: standards for administration/decision-making
Including principles of sound administration, openness of administration
N. .. .26 Administration and private law
Including the public domain
N. .. .28 Enforcement and sanctions
N. .. .30 Public servants law
N. .. .105 Legislation administrative procedural law
N. .. .120 Legal protection: general (system of legal protection, administrative procedural law)
N. .. .122 Right of complaint: national ombudsman and other complaints procedures
N. .. .128 Legal protection: special subjects
Including damages, compensation for loss resulting from government decisions, government liability
N. .. .140 General administrative law: other subjects
N. .. .210 Special administrative law: public order and safety: the police and the police organisation
N. .. .214 Special administrative law: planning law
N. .. .216 Special administrative law: social and cultural administrative law
Including education law


Economic administrative law = Te

Environmental law = Tm

Medical administrative law = Tg

Aliens law = R


Public Administration

N320 Public Administration: general
N350 Public Administration: special subjects


Criminal (procedural) law and criminology


Criminal law

P. .. .05 Legislation
P. .. .07 Case law
P. .. .10 Bibliographies and other reference works
P. .. .12 Serials, yearbooks, conference proceedings
P. .. .14 Collection of essays and collected works
P. .. .20 Criminal law: general, introductory (handbooks and textbooks), history, science and theories of criminal law
P. .. .30 Substantive criminal law: general
P. .. .34 Substantive criminal law: general doctrines
P. .. .40 Offences: general
P. .. .42 Individual offences
Offences against human life, physical integrity, health, personal liberty, offences against the state, public authority, public order or the community, offences against property, sex offences, traffic offences, Opium Act offences, computer offences
P. .. .50 Penitentiary law: general
P. .. .52 Penitentiary law: principal sentences (in particular prison sentences, detention, parole, community service, fines, alternative sanctions) and additional sentences (in particular deprivation of rights, committal to a state labour institution, forfeiture, publication of court decisions)
P. .. .56 Penitentiary law: measures (removal from circulation, confiscation of illegally obtained assets, damages, committal to a psychiatric hospital, enforcement of a hospital order)
P. .. .57 Penitentiary law: sentencing (suspended sentence, determination of punishment, rehabilitation) and lapse of right of execution of a sentence (death, limitation, remission of sentence, amnesty, abolition, rehabilitation, transfer of proceedings)
P. .. .59 Penitentiary law: other subjects (including judicial records)


Law of criminal procedure

P. .. .105 Legislation
P. .. .112 Series, yearbooks, conference proceedings
P. .. .120 Law of criminal procedure: general, history
P. .. .121 Law of criminal procedure: principles and doctrines
P. .. .122 The accused and his/her defence
P. .. .123 Coercive measures
P. .. .124 Preliminary inquiry: investigation (police/Public Prosecution Service), preliminary judicial investigation (including decision concerning settlement: summons, dismissal, transaction)
P. .. .126 Legal action / trial (criminal court judge, investigation (including law of evidence), deliberation, court ruling)
P. .. .127 Legal remedies (including appeals, cassation)
P. .. .128 Victims and criminal proceedings
P. .. .130 Criminal proceedings: other subjects
P. .. .150 Juvenile criminal (procedural) law
P. .. .152 Economic/fiscal criminal (procedural) law
P. .. .154 Traffic and transport criminal (procedural) law
P. .. .156 Environmental criminal (procedural) law
P. .. .157 Administrative criminal (procedural) law
P. .. .158 Political criminal (procedural) law
P. .. .159 Criminal (procedural) law, local and regional authorities
P. .. .160 International criminal law: in and outside the Netherlands (jurisdiction, international legal aid, unification and harmonisation of national criminal law)
P.zz.165 International criminal law
P. .. .180 Criminal law: other subjects



P310 Bibliographies and other reference works
P312 Series, yearbooks
P314 Collections of essays
P320 Criminology: general and introductory (handbooks and textbooks), history (including literature on criminal anthropology)
Including collected works with various criminological subjects; criminology and policy
P322 Methods of criminological investigation, (including crime analysis and prediction)
P324 Descriptive criminology: general overviews of crimes and crime control in various countries, including crime figures (particularly police statistics, concealed crime, damages/costs), public opinion
P330 Persons and crime (the perpetrator): (social) psychological perspective
P332 Persons and crime: biosocial perspective (including related history)
P334 Society/social connections/political systems and crime: sociological/economic/political scientific perspective (including social/societal and economic effects (particularly costs) of crime)
P335 Media and crime
P336 Agencies combating crime, particularly the police, the courts, criminalistics, criminal law (criminal procedure) (including performance, policy), private security firms
P338 Prevention and combating of crime (including crime and politics)
P340 Delinquents: special groups, youth
P342 Delinquents: special groups: women
P344 Delinquents: special groups: ethnic minorities
P345 Delinquents: special groups: organised crime
P347 Delinquents: special groups: repeat offenders
P349 Delinquents: special groups: other (including types of delinquents)
P350 Individual offences: offences against human life and physical integrity
P351 Offences against property (including vandalism and petty crime)
P352 Sexual offences
P353 Road traffic offences
P354 Addiction-related offences: drugs, alcohol, compulsive gambling
P355 Computer offences
P356 Corporate crime (including: white-collar crime)
P358 Offences against the State, public authority and public order
P359 Other
P360 Penology: the doctrine of punishment (including the aim of punishments, general prevention)
P361 Punishments: general
P362 Punishments for adults: death penalty
P363 Punishments for adults: prison terms (including prison systems)
P364 Punishments for adults: alternative sanctions
P365 Punishments for adults: fines
P366 Punishments for adults: criminal measures (including detention under hospital order)
P367 Punishments for adults: other (including electronic monitoring)
P368 Punishments for youth offenders
P370 Rehabilitation
P380 Victimology
P390 Criminology: other subjects
P420 Forensic psychiatry: general (including general psychiatry, psychiatry and law)
P450 Forensic psychiatry: special subjects (including diminished responsibility)
Including special psychiatric subjects

Migration law (aliens and asylum law)

R. .. .05 Legislation and treaties
R. .. .07 Case law
R. .. .10 Bibliographies and other reference works
R. .. .12 Series, yearbooks, conference proceedings
R. .. .14 Collections of essays
R. .. .18 Nationality law
R. .. .20 Migration/aliens law: general and introductory (handbooks and textbooks), history including migration and aliens policy
for international migration/aliens law: see also Z25
R. .. .30 Asylum; including asylum-related subjects and non-legal asylum subjects
R. .. .36 Aliens procedural law
R. .. .40

Migration/aliens law: special themes (except for asylum: see R. .. 30 and procedural law: see R. .. 36))
for minorities (policy), see:

  • F27 Sociology of law: equal treatment

  • Z25 International law: fundamental rights of individuals, groups and minorities

R. .. .52 Labour migration
R. .. .59 Migration: other non-legal approaches and subjects, including integration, family reunion, re-migration
R. .. .80 Other subjects

Mixed functional legal areas


Ta: Agrarian law

Ta. .. .05 Legislation
Ta. .. .07 Case law
Ta. .. .10 Bibliographies and other reference works
Ta. .. .12 Series, yearbooks, reports, preliminary advice
Ta. .. .14 Collections of essays
Ta. .. .20 General works (including history): handbooks, introductions
Ta. .. .50 Special subjects


Tb: Building law

Tb. .. .05 Legislation
Tb. .. .07 Case law
Tb. .. .10 Bibliographies and other reference works
Tb. .. .12 Series, yearbooks, reports, preliminary advice
Tb. .. .14 Collections of essays
Tb. .. .20 General works: handbooks, introductions
Tb. .. .30 Private building law
Tb. .. .40 Public building law
Tb. .. .50 Other special subjects


Tc: Consumer law (including product liability)

Tc. .. .05 Legislation
Tc. .. .07 Case law
Tc. .. .10 Bibliographies and other reference works
Tc. .. .12 Series, yearbooks, reports, preliminary advice
Tc. .. .14 Collections of essays
Tc. .. .20 General works: handbooks, introductions
Tc. .. .30 Product liability
Tc. .. .50 Special subjects, including dispute resolution


Te: Economic law

Te. .. .05 Legislation general
Te. .. .07 Case law general
Te. .. .10 Bibliographies and other reference works
Te. .. .12 Series, yearbooks, reports, preliminary advice
Te. .. .14 Collections of essays
Te. .. .20 General works: handbooks, introductions, history, principles
Te. .. .30 Economic administration: regulatory industrial organization, Social and Economic Council, Chamber of Commerce
Te. .. .32 Right of establishment including the Licensing and Catering Act
Te. .. .33 Law concerning the orderly course of trade (production, trade, import and export)
Including the Commodities Act, Trading Hours Act, Door-to-Door Sales Act, Consumer Credit Act
Te. .. .35 Competition law
Including advertising law, marketing right
Te. .. .37 Economic assistance
Te. .. .38 Law concerning orderly financial transactions including the Banking and Securities Act, supervision of the banking and credit system, and the Securities Transactions (Supervision) Act
Te. .. .50 Special subjects


Tg: Health law

Tg. .. .05 Legislation
Tg. .. .07 Case law
Tg. .. .10 Bibliographies and other reference works
Tg. .. .12 Series, yearbooks, reports, preliminary advice
Tg. .. .14 Collections of essays
Tg. .. .20 General works: handbooks, introductions
Tg. .. .30 People and health care
Including right of self-determination, heridity, procreation, embryo, patients’ rights, euthanasia
Tg. .. .36 Health care and law
health care, professional practice, curative care, professional practice and third-party interests, prevention and health promotion, quality promotion and scientific research, liability under criminal law, disciplinary law and civil law
Tg. .. .40 Ethics and health care
Tg. .. .50 Other special subjects


Th: Landlord and tenant law

Th. .. .05 Legislation
Th. .. .07 Case law
Th. .. .10 Bibliographies and other reference works
Th. .. .12 Series, yearbooks, reports, preliminary advice
Th. .. .14 Collections of essays
Th. .. .20 General works: handbooks, introductions
Th. .. .50 Special subjects


Ti: Information, communication and media Law

Ti. .. .05 Legislation
Ti. .. .07 Case law
Ti. .. .10 Bibliographies and other reference works
Ti. .. .12 Series, yearbooks, reports, preliminary advice
Ti. .. .14 Collections of essays
Ti. .. .20 General works: handbooks, introductions
Ti. .. .50 Special subjects


Tk: Juvenile law

Tk. .. .05 Legislation
Tk. .. .07 Case law
Tk. .. .10 Bibliographies and other reference works
Tk. .. .12 Series, yearbooks, reports, preliminary advice
Tk. .. .14 Collections of essays
Tk. .. .20 General works: handbooks, introductions including general works on the administration of child justice
Tk. .. .30 Juvenile law: general civil-law subjects Position of minors, guardianship, adoption, parental authority, children and divorce, foster children
Tk. .. .32 Juvenile protection law
Child protection
Tk. .. .36 Youth assistance law
Facilities, authorities, institutions for youth assistance
Tk. .. .50 Juvenile law: other subjects


Tm: Environmental law

Tm. .. .05 Legislation
Tm. .. .07 Case law
Tm. .. .10 Bibliographies and other reference works
Tm. .. .12 Series, yearbooks, reports, preliminary advice
Tm. .. .14 Collections of essays
Tm. .. .20 Environmental law, environmental management and environmental policy: general and introductory (handbooks, textbooks, surveys), history
Tm. .. .22 Environmental law and contiguous legal areas (particularly spatial planning law)
Tm. .. .24 Legal protection
Tm. .. .26 Enforcement of environmental law
Tm. .. .27 Private environmental law
Including liability, unlawful acts
Tm. .. .28 Environmental law, environmental management: special subjects
Including financial instruments, permit procedures, environmental impact reports
Tm. .. .30 Special environmental law: water (surface water and groundwater), soil and air
Including fertilisers
Tm. .. .36 Special environmental law: nature conservation
Tm. .. .38 Special environmental law: environment and business
Tm. .. .39 Special environmental law: other subjects
Including noise pollution, waste substances, (transport of) environmentally hazardous substances, pesticides, nuclear energy, energy saving
Tm. .. .50 Environmental law: other subjects


Tp: Military law

Tp. .. .05 Legislation
Tp. .. .07 Case law
Tp. .. .10 Bibliographies and other reference works
Tp. .. .12 Series, yearbooks, reports, preliminary advice
Tp. .. .14 Collections of essays
Tp. .. .20 General works
Tp. .. .30 National defence and the armed forces: general, organisation, history
Tp. .. .32 Military personnel law
Tp. .. .34 Military criminal (procedural) and disciplinary (procedural) law (including laws governing war crimes): general and special subjects
Tp. .. .50 Other subjects


Tv: Traffic law

Tv. .. .05 Legislation
Tv. .. .07 Case law
Tv. .. .10 Bibliographies and other reference works
Tv. .. .12 Series, yearbooks, reports, preliminary advice
Tv. .. .14 Collections of essays
Tv. .. .20 General works: handbooks, introductions
Tv. .. .50 Special subjects


Tz: Mixed legal areas: other subjects

Tz. .. .05 Legislation
Tz. .. .07 Case law
Tz. .. .10 Bibliographies and other reference works
Tz. .. .12 Series, yearbooks, reports, preliminary advice
Tz. .. .14 Collections of essays
Tz. .. .20 General works: handbooks, introductions
Tz. .. .50 Special subjects

European law

W05 Treaty texts and commentaries, other legislation, legal history
W07 Case law of the Court of Justice (see EDC [European Documentation Centre] journals)
W10 Bibliographies and other reference works
W12 Series, yearbooks, conference proceedings
W14 Collections of essays and collected works
W18 European integration: non-legal literature (historical, political, economic, etc.)
W20 European law: general, introductory, history (handbooks and textbooks)
W22 European law: general characteristics and principles (legal nature, direct effect, priority, relationship between national and European law, harmonisation)
W24 Institutional structure (organisation, institutions, competences, decision-making, legislation, administration, public servants)
W26 Budget and finance
W28 Legal protection and law enforcement
W30 Single Market (1st pillar): general
W32 Single Market: free movement of goods
W33 Single Market: free movement of services
W34 Single Market: free movements of persons; social policy (including the European Social Fund)
W36 Single Market: free movement of capital & payments; economic and monetary policy (including the EMU)
W38 Competition and subsidies
W40 Foreign policy and safety policy (2nd pillar)
W50 Police and judicial cooperation in criminal proceedings (3rd pillar)
W60 Agricultural and Fisheries policy (see also EDC3)
W62 Transport policy (see also EDC7)
W63 Energy policy (including Euratom) (see also EDC12)
W65 Regional policy (including ERDF, structural funds) (see also EDC13)
W69 Other policy components (culture, education, etc.)
W80 External relations (external competences, trading policy, association and development policy) (see also EDC11)
W90 European law: other

International law

Z05 Treaty collections and other documentary works
Z07 Case law of international arbitration and international courts
Z10 Bibliographies and other reference works
Z12 Series, yearbooks, conference proceedings
Z14 Collections of essays and collected works
Z20 International law: general
General handbooks and textbooks, principles, theories, codification, sources, history
Z22 Treaty law
Z24 Fundamental rights of nations
Including special legal positions of certain countries and areas
Z25 Fundamental rights of the individual: nationality, legal position of aliens, minority rights
Z26 Fundamental rights of the individual: human rights
Z27 Territorial law
Z29 International maritime law (and river law)
Z30 International air and space law
Z31 International environmental law
Z33 Diplomatic and consular law
Z35 International organisations law: general
Z37 International organisations law: UN (including: the League of Nations)
Z38 International organisations law: other international and regional collaborative arrangements, agreements and organisations (particularly, political, economic and military)
Z40 Laws of war (including humanitarian law)
Z44 International administration of justice and law enforcement Including: state liability
Z46 International political relations (including historical): general and individual states
Z50 International law: other


Centre for Information and Documentation Business and Law

CIDOR. .. .05 Legislation & Commentaries
CIDOR. .. .07 Case law
CIDOR. .. .10 Bibliographies, Reference books, Skills
CIDOR. .. .12 Series, Yearbooks, Reports
CIDOR. .. .14 Essay collections and Anthologies
CIDOR. .. .20 Business (law): general
CIDOR. .. .30 Banking law
CIDOR. .. .40 Insolvency law, Financing and Security Right
CIDOR. .. .50 Business and Property law
CIDOR. .. .70 Company law
CIDOR. .. .80 Labour law
CIDOR. .. .90 Competition law


European Documentation Centre

EDC1 Institutional issues
European integration, Operation of Institutions, Financial Provisions, Budget, General information about the Community


Customs Union and Trade Policy
Community Customs Tariff, Customs Regulations, Tariff Quota, Free Movement of Goods, Trade Policy, Trade Agreements
EDC3 Agriculture, Forestry, Fisheries
Agricultural Policy, Agricultural Means of Production, Monetary Measures – EAGGF Guarantee, Agricultural Structures – EAGGF Orientation, Vegetable Products (grains and rice, vegetables and fruit, textile crops, living plants, flower cultivation, wine and wine growing, alcohol, vegetable fats, phytosanitary inspection, other vegetable products), Products from Animals (albumin, milk and dairy products, meat, fowl, eggs, other animal-based products, the veterinary sector and sanitary inspection) Forestry, Fisheries Policy (fishing treaties, fishing regulations)
EDC4 Employment and labour
Employment Policy, Labour Market and Free Movement of Employees, Professional Training, Health and Safety, Working Conditions
EDC5 Social issues
Social policy, health policy, Social protection and security, European Social Fund
EDC6 Law and legal issues
Treaties and Intra-Community Agreements and Conventions, Derived Community Law, Harmonisation of Laws, Rights and Freedoms
EDC7 Transport
Transport Policy, Transport by Land (by road, by rail), Sea Transport and Transport on Inland Waterways, Air and Space Travel
EDC8 Competition and companies
Competition and Competition Regulations, Business, Company law
EDC9 Finance
Monetary policy and EMS, Financial integration and free movement of capital, tax harmonisation
EDC10 Economic affairs – consumption
Economic policy, Completion of the Single Market, Industrial Policy, Tertiary Sector (banks, insurance, freedom of establishment and freedom of services), Consumers and Consumption
EDC11 External relations
External Relations, Multilateral Relations and International Organisations, Relations with Developing Nations, Relations with Countries in Central and Eastern Europe, Development Aid, European Development Fund and relations with EEC/ACP countries, Agreements with Developing Nations, European Political Cooperation, International Affairs
EDC12 Energy
Energy Policy, Euratom / Nuclear Energy, Coal and Hydrocarbons, Electricity, Soft Energy
EDC13 Regional policy
Regional policy, ERDF
EDC14 The environment
Environmental Policy and Protection, Environmental Deterioration
EDC15 Scientific and technological research
Research Policy, Energy and Nuclear Science (radiation protection), Chemistry, Physics and Industrial Processes, Medicine and Biology, Agricultural Science and Food Technology, Telecommunications, Space Exploration, Other Sectors
EDC16 Information, pedagogy, culture
Information, communication, Documentation, Pedagogy Policy – Education, Culture
EDC17 Statistics
General Statistics, Economics and Finance, Population and Social Conditions, Energy and Industry, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, International Trade, Services and Transport, the Environment, Other
EDC18 Documentation
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