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Library guide Law: CIDOR

Overview of legal literature, law sources and information relating to academic education and research


Radboud Business Law Institute has its own specialist library, called the Information and Documentation Centre for Business and Law (CIDOR). CIDOR is a division of the Law Library and is located in the Faculty of Law of Radboud University.

The information specialist of the CIDOR purchases materials covering the topics of the research programmes conducted within Radboud Business Law Institute. Such as Company Law, Finance, Security Rights and Insolvency Law, Patrimonial Law, Labour Law and Financial Law. The collection formation is focussed on a domestic, European and international perspective, but also at various other jurisdictions.

The collection of the CIDOR consists of more than 3300 books and subscriptions to relevant series and some loose-leafs.

The collection of the CIDOR can be found in RUQuest. Relevant periodicals can also be found in the Journal list Law Library. Nearly all the periodicals are also available in digital format via the List.

If you would like to suggest books or other materials for the CIDOR to purchase, please contact:

The collection is open to employees and students of the Faculty of Law, but also to outside visitors. Materials of the CIDOR are for reference only and are not to be borrowed.


Information specialist: Henja Korsten
  Monday - Friday: 8.30 - 17.00 hours (except for Fridays in the even weeks)
  +31 (0)24-3611359