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Library Guide Science: Manuals

Help with searching, finding, and (re)use of appropriate scientific literature for the Faculty of Science students


To print at the Radboud University, you need to have the app 'Kuario' installed on your phone in order to get print budget. 

To print from your PC or laptop, you need to connect to the print server. Download the manual below to do that. When finished, you select that print server when printing and you can print it at any multifunctional at the RU campus. 

Download the manual and follow the steps carefully to get this installed.


Didn’t receive an invitation email from KUARIO? Send an email to to set up an account for you. They will need your email address and your student number.

Central Library, Mo-Fri 11am-3pm
T  +31(0)24-365 59 55 (workdays 08:00 – 22:00)

To activate your student/campus card as a library card you need to log in to RUQuest twice. Download the manual to see what needs to be done precisely.

When activated, you can borrow books for free. You can request them in RUQuest and pick them up at the service desk of the Library of Science.

Reserve a work place in the one of the RU libraries via this web page. Log in with your S-/U-number and password.
- You can reserve 2 days in advance
- You can only reserve 1 time slot at the time
- All work places with a pc occupied? You can borrow a laptop for a day at the service desk to use in the Library of Science.

you can request Endnote 20 via the ICT Service Desk by sending an email to via your Radboud email address. Specify you need Endnote and whether it's for a Windows or an Apple device. They will send you the software for free via a packed file (you can unpack it with 7-zip The mail also describes the steps to follow to install the software.

Other option for students of the Faculty of Science (now for EndNote 20):

Do you still have a science account? As from August 2021, it's not possible anymore to login with your science account at the Library of Science. You will have to log in with your S-number. Exception: 8 Linux PC's on the left hand side in Wing 2. These PC's do nót run Windows.

Transfer files from your Science account
You can transfer the files from the Science to the RU Windows environment by performing the following actions:
• Go to, log in with your Science account and note the path of your Science home directory, behind 'Own disk op:' / 'Home disk at :' (or in Dutch: ‘Eigen schijf op:’ )
Here it says: \\\name
• Go to for instructions on how to attach your home directory or another science network drive to a system of your choice.

For a Windows 10 computer:
- Open the File Explorer and go to "This PC"
- Select in the ribbon -> computer -> Make network connection
- Choose a drive letter and enter the network location (e.g. \\\name)
- Check both choices and click OK
- Enter b-fac\[science username] as username with the corresponding password
- Check 'remember my data' and click OK
- The network location is now added


Questions & more info

More information can be found on the C&CZ wiki.

If you have any questions or need help to transfer your science account, please contact the C&CZ helpdesk: e-mail, telephone 024-3620000.

For questions or comments about Windows PCs, please contact the ICT helpdesk: e-mail, telephone 024-36 22222.