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Library Guide Politics & Public administration:  Borrowing books

subject guide with practical info for making use of the library and all of its facilities

 Borrowing books

 Where can you find books in the library?

You can find all books in the Central Library via RUQuest. Books are located at different locations in the building:

  • Management Study Center - Here you can find exam literature for students of the Nijmegen School of Management. NSM 'exam literature', is available upon request at the MSc service desk at the Elinor Ostrom Building. Bring your student card or other ID to exchange for the book you need. Subsequently you can consult the book within the Management Study centre.
  • De Verdieping (Open Stacks) - the open stacks in the basement of the Central Library at the Erasmuslaan.You can get the book yourself. For more information check How to find books in the library.
  • Magazijn (Closed stacks) - Request an item by clicking the  'request item' button in RUQuest, make sure to select a pick up location.
  • Reading Room - Here you can find reference works. Pick up the books in the stacks yourself, these books can’t be borrowed.
  • Special Collections Reading Room - Here you can read old and rare books. Request books via RUQuest, these books can’t be borrowed.


If you have any specific purchase suggestions for your subject area you can send a request by completing the form recommended purchases.

Requests by academic staff members and students of the Radboud University outweigh requests by people who are not associated to the university. A publication needs to match the collection formation policy of the University Library. Budgets are considered too. You will receive an email if your request is granted.