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Library of Congress Classification in the Open Stacks (Central Library)

In the basement of the Central Library, the books of the Humanties collections are in Open Stacks. The books are placed according to the Library of Congress Classification (LCC). This is the classification system of the Library of Congress, the national library of the United States, and is used in libraries worldwide. Books are placed by subject. Found a useful book? Check the titles on the same shelf to find more relevant publications on the same subject. 

LCC Main classes & Subclasses

  • A General works 
  • B Philosophy, Psychology, Religion
  • C Auxiliary Sciences of History
  • D World History and History of Europe, Asia, etc.
  • E-F History of the Americas
  • G Geography, Antropology, Recreation
  • H Social Sciences
  • J Political Sciences
  • K Law
  • L Education
  • M Muzic
  • N Fine Arts
  • P Language and Literature
  • Q Science
  • R Medicine
  • S Agriculture
  • T Technology
  • U Military Science
  • V Naval Science
  • Z Library Science and Bibliography



The LCC main classes are subdivided into subclasses. Where can you find them?

  • A-Z list on Wikipedia, click through to deeper levels.
  • Or go to the Library of Congress website, to check the classification in clickable PDFs. 



LCC-main classes in the Open Stacks (Central Library)