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Mendeley (English): List of references in Word

Mendeley is software to save, manage and share references

Microsoft Word and Mendeley

Option 1: If you want to use Mendeley for referencing in Microsoft Office Word:

  • In Mendeley Desktop, go to Tools > Install MS Word Plug-in.
  • In Microsoft Word, the Mendeley Insert Citation will appear in the ‘References’ or "verwijzingen" tab.
  • Select Insert Citation > Go to Mendeley.
  • Select a reference and click ‘Cite’ at the top. This will send the citation to Microsoft Word.  
  • Select your referencing style, then click ‘Insert Bibliography’. The style, which is often determined by a journal or society, is a way of describing a reference.

You can also use BibTeX to format references as .bib-files and to import them into LaTeX.

Option 2: install the "Get Mendeley Cite" Microsoft add-in.

Be aware that on ISC-hosted work spaces you cannot install 'Mendeley Cite' yet, as they haven't activated Microsoft 365-addins yet (July 2021).

  • Go to Tools\Get Mendeley Cite
  • Click “Nu downloaden”
  • Enter your emailaddress for Microsoft AppSource
  • Enter your account details and give Microsoft permission to use your account details
  • You will be redirected to Microsoft 365
  • Click on “Openen in Word”
  • Click on “Koppeling openen”
  • You go to Microsoft Word and click on the right on “Trust this add-in”
  • Sign in to your Mendeley Account
  • Your references from your library appear in the right screen
  • This add-in appears under the tab References (Verwijzingen). If not go to Insert\My Add-ins\Select Mendeley Cite\Insert

Once it's installed the next screens appear:

Sign in and select your references that you want to insert into your text. Click on More to insert the bibliography.

Mendeley Cite can also be used as a standalone add-in, so without using Mendeley Reference Manager.

Examples of references

Example of references using Nature style:

Example of references using APA style:

How to generate citations with MS Word and Open Office (video)