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Mendeley (English): Tips & Tricks

Mendeley is software to save, manage and share references

Removing duplicates

To remove duplicate documents from your library, go to:

  • Tools > Check for duplicates
  • A list of duplicates will appear
  • Click Confirm Merge in the right-hand menu (where the duplicate titles are listed)

Creating your own style

To create a new style, in the Desktop version go to:

  • View > Citation Style > More Styles ...
  • Select the style that is closest to the style you want to use
  • Right-click and select Edit Style
  • The CSL Editor will appear with the login screen where you can enter the Mendeley email address and password. Click Authorize.

A screen will appear where you can edit a particular style or create a new style. Click OK.

You can now create your own style.

How to remove duplicates (video)