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Mendeley (English): Login or register

Mendeley is software to save, manage and share references

Start Mendeley

Mendeley Desktop or Reference Manager

Start by clicking on the Windows start button at bottom left, enter ‘Mendeley’ in ‘Search programs and files’ and select Mendeley Desktop or Mendeley Reference Manager. For this to work, the program needs to be installed on your computer. Go to the installation page under the Home tab and then to Mendeley Software.

Login or register

  • A login screen will appear. Enter your username and password if you are already registered, or click ‘Register’ to create a login. You can use the same login for both the Desktop and Web versions.


  • An update screen should appear. Whether or not you can install Mendeley will depend on your work station. If you are using your own PC, you’ll be able to proceed with installation, but for ISC-hosted work stations, you’ll need to get in touch with ISC.

Register with (student) e-mail adress

  • Register with your preferred e-mail adress, albeit from the Radboud or via another adress. DO NOT register via Institutional Login. Than you will have less options/flexibility in using Mendeley in comparison to just an e-mail account