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Mendeley (English): LaTeX and BibTeX

Mendeley is software to save, manage and share references

LaTeX and BibTeX

Go to: Tools\Options\Tab BibTeX and select your preferences and click Apply\OK.

Via File\Import...\BibTeX (*.bib) you can import a file with BibTeX references.

Designed by Leslie Lamport in 1984, LaTeX (pronounced la-tech; traditionally written as ) is the most commonly used document preparation system. It uses macros for TeX, making it much easier to format texts than with just TeX alone. It is mainly used to format academic texts. Here is an example:

BibTeX software is designed for formatting lists of references. It is typically used within LaTeX documents.

Source: Wikipedia

LaTeX and BibTeX

A BibTeX-file can be created in Mendeley Desktop by going to:

  • Tools > Options > tab BibTeX

You can set your BibTeX export and syncing preferences, as well as the type of BibTex file you want to create (whole library, per collection or per document) and where you want to save it.

LaTeX and BibteX

You can also select references in Mendeley Desktop that you wish to have in BibTeX. Select a reference and click:

  • File > Export ...
  • Save as type: BibTeX (*.bib)
  • Save

To make a bibliography in your LaTeX file, enter the following commands:

  • \bibliography{filename} where filename refers to the name of the .bib file that you have exported from Mendeley. This command generates the bibliography.
  • To insert an in-text citation, enter the command \cite{__} where __ the citation key is assigned (in the .bib file) to the source you wish to cite.