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Mendeley (English): Importing references

Mendeley is software to save, manage and share references

Adding references

Once you are logged in, you will see:

  1.  A list of references (or a blank list if you are using Mendeley for the first time)
  2. With a menu on the left: click on All Documents. If you click on a title in the list, the metadata for the record will appear on the right. You can add or edit things here if you wish.
  3. If you have created Groups, they will appear here

The following tab shows how you can add references to your library.

In Mendeley Desktop version you can add a new reference via:

  • Go to File/Add Entry Manually
  • The screen "New Document" appears
  • Choose for example Type: Journal article and enter the following data:
  • Andre Geim, The fun way to win a Nobel prize, New Scientist, 2010, Volume 208(2787) 32-33
  • Click on Save

You can import references in your webbrowser Mozilla Firefox to Mendeley via:

  • Go to Mendeley Desktop > Tools and select ‘Install Web Importer’. You will be redirected to:
  • Click on "Get Web Importer for Firefox
  • Click on “Add to Firefox” or “Toevoegen aan Firefox”
  • A small icon appears on the right top
  • Now go to Google Scholar and do a search:
  • Click on the Import to Mendeley icon:
  • A Sign in window appears
  • Use your Mendeley login and password
  • Check the references for download and wait for the PDF
  • Choose “Add" and click "View Library ..."
  • All records are saved in: and synchronized every time you start your desktopversion


How to import documents into Mendeley (video)