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How to get your documents: RUQuest FAQ

This guide offers tips for locating documents at Radboud University.

FAQ - Loans & reservations

What is RUQuest?

  • What is RUQuest?
    RUQuest is a search engine that searches the collection of Radboud University, as well as the collections of other libraries worldwide. See the Home tab for more information.

  • Can I use RUQuest off-campus?
    Students & employees can use an Off-Campus login. See the Home tab for more information.

  • Can I use RUQuest when I'm not a student or employee of the Radboud University?
    Guest users outside the campus can choose Continue as guest when the login screen appears. See the Home tab for more information.


Loans, reservations, requests

  • How do I log in?
    Click at the top right on Log in.
    S-number or U-number:
    Choose Log in with your S- or U-number (Radboud University students and employees)
    Choose Log in with your Z-number (Radboudumc employees)
    External users with library card:
    Choose Log in with your personal email address (external users) (log in with your email address and password. First time? Click reset password and follow the steps).
  • How do I get an overview of my loans and reservations?
    Log in in RUQuest, then click on your name at the top right and choose My account. You can find more information in the tab Renew, request, reserve.
  • What are 'Holds'?
    These are your reserved items.
  • There is a 'change password' button in my account. Does it work?
    This button does NOT work for students and employees. It is only functional for external users without an S-, U- or Z-number.
  • Can I click the 'renew' button in my account?
    No, this does not work. Your books will be automatically renewed 10 times, unless someone reserves a book you currently have. When this happens you will receive an e-mail to return the book. As long as you don't receive an e-mail and you do not have to do anything.
  • I can not log in. Now what?
    Please contact us via Ask Your Librarian or drop by in one of our library locations.
  • Is there a RU-library in Gymnasion as well?
    No, just a depot. If it says 'Gymnasion' next to your item, you can request it via the button Request item


Library doesn't have what you need?

  • Can I request publications using RUQuest?
    If the University Library has a subscription to the scientific journal the scientific article will be accessible online. Reservations can be made on physical copies of journals and books present at Radboud University through the use of RUQuest. Items not available here, but elsewhere at another University in the Netherlands can be acquired with an IBL-account. You can find more information in the Renew, request, reserve tab.  

FAQ - Searching & saving results

Searching and saving results in RUQuest

  • How to search for a title or author?
    You can use codes like ti: en au:. You can find more information on the Article search page.

  • What does Author Phrase or Title Phrase mean?
    It allows you to search for documents containing an exact sentence or phrase rather than containing a set of keywords in a random order.
    Using Phrase is not recommended: you will lose relevant results. It is better to use quotation marks. For example ti: "Climate change" or au:"Herman Finkers".

  • Why can't I find e-books at my location library?
    E-books in RUQuest are placed under the Radboud University scope. Keep the checkbox Radboud University marked if you want to search for e-books. An exception are the e-books of the Faculty of Law. You can find these here

  • Can I use RUQuest to carry out an advanced search?
    Clicking the Advanced Search link under the initial search box takes you to a form that allows you to be more controlled in your searching. See the Article search page (Advanced search) for more information.
    For more advanced searching, we offer bibliographic and full-text databases. These usually offer added value, because of a more advanced search functionality and subject specific content.

  • What can I do when I get too many hits?
    Use the left-hand menu filters to refine your search further or go to Advanced search and combine keywords with the AND-operator.
    We do not recommend using the Topic option.

  • Is your search history available?
    When you log in RUQuest has the option available to save your search queries. You can find the link on the top left corner of the screen.

  • How do I use filters in my search?
    When you select a filter you are given the option to keep this selection for your next search. You can find this option at the top left of your screen. Press Reset to discard selected filters.

  • Can I store interesting results?
    Yes. First make sure you are logged in. Next, choose 'Save' with the items you'd like to store. They are then stored in My items. Note: these items will be deleted as soon as your browser session ends! To permanently save your items, click My items and click "Create list" to create a Personal list. A personal list is saved and bound to your RUQuest account. You can also choose to export search results.

  • Can I save My items?
    It isn't possible right now to save My items in RUQuest. It will be deleted as soon as your browser session ends. You can however export search results or create a Personal list (see question above).

  • What does Downloadable archival material mean?
    Downloadable archival material means that these are publications from Radboud Repository. The access online button is always available when searching these records. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that the full text is also available.