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How to get your documents: Home

This guide offers tips for locating documents at Radboud University.

When your search for information has resulted in a set of relevant references this overview may help you locate the actual publications. 


Are you trying to locate an (e)book, article or journal?

Start with the options below.


To search for a specific book we recommend that you start your search in RUQuest.


Availability in RUQuest
Check the options below:

To search for a specific article we recommend Google Scholar and RUQuest. Search for title or its Digital Object Identifier (DOI). 


Availability in RUQuest
Check the options below:

  For locating PDFs (also open access) various routes and tools are available. Find out more here.

  Want to find several articles at once? Try using BrowZine if they are published in the same journal. Or use the Find Fulltext feature in EndNote.

  Conference Abstracts are often available at the journal's website; check the list of issues (Archive).

We recommend two routes for searching specific journals at Radboud University: BrowZine and RUQuest.

Availability in RUQuest
Check the options below:

Visit our frequently asked questions for more information.

Still unsure what to do? Ask your Librarian