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IEEE Xplore (English): Exporting

IEEE Xplore is a digital library that offers full-text access to technical literature on electrical engineering, information technology, electronics and related disciplines.


There are different ways of storing your search results. See the result toolbar below.

Set Search Alerts is explained under Alerts.

The different options are explained in the tab screens.

Download Citations
You can store the selected results in various ways.

Tick Include and Format Preference and click Download Citation.

You can also store them in different formats:

  • Plain Text
  • BibTeX
  • Refworks : you need a paid account to use this.
  • EndNote, ProCite, Refman : if you have installed one of these programs on your PC, it will open and import the citation.

Email Selected Results
You can send the results from your email address to another email address. The recipient will receive an email with reference details.

In order to print the information about a record on your screen, click on the record title and then the print icon.

Export If you click on this, you can export the results to IEEE Collabratec (previously My Projects). IEEE Collabratec allows you to network with other researchers and to share and create documents.


After you have logged in with your IEEE Xplore login, the following screen will appear:


One of the parts of the Menu is Library. Click on Connect and the following screen will appear:

The publications that you have exported can be found here under All. You can also collect your own research publications under My Publications.