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Harzing's Publish or Perish tracks scholarly citations and calculates a number of citation and impact statistics

What is Publish or Perish?

Publish or Perish (PoP) is a softwareprogram that:

Be aware: if you do too many searches in one session, the CAPTCHA screen will appear. PoP thinks you're a robot.


Objectives and target audience

Learn how to use Publish or Perish


This libguide is meant for scholars who want to use Publish or Perish to collect literature references and calculate all kinds of metrics.


For metric numbers (H-index, Impactfactor) you have access to Web of Science with largely only journal articles. With Publish or Perish you get access to 7 other databases with various metrics (included the H-index)  and other publication types like books, chapters, conferences proceedings and theses.

Publish or Perish Software

Download the program here:

Choose Download for WindowsMacOS or GNU/Linux. Scroll down and click Publish or Perish installer for Windows

You can install the program on your computer without administrator rights. Then go to Start/All programs and search for  Publish or Perish 8 and click the program.

Publish or Perish version 8 differs significantly from version 4 and 5. In this LibGuide we explain version 8, but you can also find information and manuals about version 4 and 5.

There is a FAQ available:

Need help?

Simply drop by the Library of Science helpdesk for a personal instruction.

Getting Started with Publish or Perish