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Library guide History: Databases, dictionaries and encyclopedias

All library services and resources for History

Subject Databases History




Middle Ages



Newspapers & news magazines

In Nexis Uni, a newspaper database, you can read articles from newspapers and news magazines from all over the world. For example Dutch, English, American, French, German and Spanish papers. Usefull when you want to stay informed about language, literature, culture and politics. 

General databases

In the list below you can find interdisciplinary databases.These databases are not primarily meant for history, nevertheless they contain many relevant titles. 



Catholic Documentation Centre

The Catholic Documentation Centre preserves, organizes and provides access to archives, books, brochures, magazines, photos, video and audio recordings from 1800, and digital sources from private collections of Catholic individuals and collections from civic Catholic organizations in the Netherlands. They are located in the Central Library, 1st floor.