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EndNote 21 Basic course

5.5 Names of authors in text

For styles that use Author/Date citations, it may happen that you do not always want the author name(s) together with the year in brackets, but you want to make it part of the text, in sentences such as:

Moed and van Leeuwen (1995) have shown that .....

This you can also manage via  

We shall do this in the text used earlier:

Research has shown that review articles receive more citations than research articles (Moed & van Leeuwen, 1995).

We will change the lay out. Here we replace the text above by the sentence below with the same reference originating from EndNote.

Moed and van Leeuwen (Moed & van Leeuwen, 1995) have shown that ..... 

From this citation between brackets we omit the names of authors via 

Then click on the button Default 

Choose Exclude Author from the drop down menu, and then click OK.
The text will be like this:

Moed and van Leeuwen (1995) have shown that .....

Again, you must make such changes as shown in the way above using

If you do this directly in the text, the changes will be lost.