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MathSciNet (English): Preferences


You can change and save various settings in MathSciNet. These are then saved in the browser.
Click Preferences at upper right. The following screen will appear:

Indicate your preferences and press Save. More information about the options can be found in the box.

Video Tutorial on preferences

Here is a video tutorial on MathSciNet Preferences:

More about Preferences

- Review Format
Click on the link to the Full View.

- MathJax
This is a Javascript Display Engine. Turn it off to see the TeX source code:

Turn MathJax on to see the formulas:

- Headlines per page
The number of results per page

- Display Reference list
If you want a simpler list, turn this off. This means that of you click on a result you won’t see any references. This is particularly useful for printing.

- Headlines
Setting this to Simple will hide the classification or link bar:

Full headlines:

- Display DML Items
These are items in the World Digital Mathematical Library. The Library also contains items from before 1940 and items that have been added outside the usual editorial route. Click Yes if you would like to include these kinds of item in your search.

- Font Face
Sans Serif means without ‘serifs’, the small projecting features at the end of strokes. Select Serif if you want a serif font.

- Headline Numbering
Turn on Headline Numbering for numbered results:

- Language
You have a choice of English, French, German, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish or Russian.