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MathSciNet (English): MR Author ID

MR Author ID

MathSciNet creates a profile for each author. By searching for a name (Authors tab) or clicking on that name in a search result, you will come to that author’s profile page. All authors in the MathSciNet database have a unique MR Author ID created by the American Mathematical Society.

Here you will find the MR Author ID and the total number of publications and citations, etc.

Published as gives you the names under which this author has published.
The links below this description are explained in the following Links tab.

Your own profile

Click on Login to change your profile (email address, photo or add your own home page) via this screen:

You will also see a list of links on the profile page:

View Publications
Gives a list of all publications by this author.

View Author/Related Publications
All publications in which the author is involved, including as editor or translator.

View Reviews
Link to MathSciNet Reviews written by the author in question.

Refine Search
Click here to search further in an author’s publications.

Generates a list of co-authors (in which you can search further)

Collaboration Distance
Shows the authors linking this person to another author. In the example below you can see that Prof. Landsman is linked to Stephen Hawking via Noah Linden. The Collaboration Distance is therefore 3. See als under the tab Free tools.

Mathematics Genealogy Project
Links to a page where you can find more information about the author, the PhD candidates he/she has supervised and the author’s own PhD supervisor. See als tab Searching and then tab Authors.

This shows how often the author is cited and which articles have been cited. See the example below:

Tag Clouds

Scrolling down the profile page, you will see the co-authors and publications in a tag cloud. The bigger the font size, the greater the number of hits. Click on a name or subject to find the corresponding publications.

This result is unequivocal: most publications by this author are in the field of relativity and gravitational theory.

Video Tutorial on Author Search

This video tutorial explains MR Author ID and related matters.