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MathSciNet (English): EndNote\BibTeX

Importing references into EndNote\BibTeX

After a search you can export the results into EndNote\BibTeX or another format by doing the following:


  • Select the records that you wish to import into EndNote and select Citations (EndNote) in the drop-down menu
  • Click Retrieved Marked and save the web page as a .txt file
  • Select Text files (*.txt;*.text), name the file and save it
  • Open EndNote and a library
  • Click File/Import/File
  • In Import File, select Saved file
  • In Import Option, select EndNote Import
  • Click Import


  • Select the records that you want to import in your BibTeX program
  • Copy the records and paste them in the BibTeX-editor and save it as a .bib-file
  • Import the records for example with the program JabRef

Video Tutorial on Publication Results

This video tutorial explains how to import records into EndNote (slide 35), etc.


The records you have found can also be temporarily parked on the Clipboard to export them to EndNote, BibTeX, etc.. You can click on Clipboard under each title:

You can then click on Clipboard at the top of the screen to see all titles on the Clipboard: