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ACM Digital Library (English): Sharing publications

The ACM Digital Library is a database for computing literature. It contains the complete electronic texts of ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) publications.

Sharing publications

Binder is a type of project folder where you can store your search results. You will need an ACM account. See Registration tab.

In the ACM Digital Library you can share an article you have found via Save to Binder (yellow).

  • Search an article, check it and then click Save to Binder. This button will appear above your search results as soon as you select articles.
  • Or click on the folder (yellow) at the bottom right
  • Give the binder a name (Name the new Binder tab)
  • Or click on the relevant icon in Share.


If you want to store an article in a binder, you can create a new binder and give it a name.


There are several ways to share your binder:

1. Share by entering an email address (of someone with an ACM account) and clicking Share.


2. Download in BibTex, EndNote or ACM Ref


3. Create a PDF of your binder by clicking on the red button