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English translation of Datamanagement voor studenten

What are research data?

Research data are data that have been used as the source for an analysis or data that have been collected in the course of research. Research data can take on many forms, e.g.:

  • measurement data and readings obtained from experiments with laboratory equipment
  • illustrations
  • geographical data
  • survey results
  • models (e.g. climate models, economic models)
  • chromatograms
  • sources (data obtained through archival research or literature reviews)
  • interviews (ask interviewees for their consent to use the data)

In the course of the data life cycle a time will come when you will start looking for a secure place to store your data.

What is a data management plan?

A data management plan is a formal document written at the start of the research leading up to your thesis. It provides an overview of all aspects regarding data management during and after your research.

A data management plan is a dynamic document that requires updating from time to time. In short, the data life cycle will be mapped by means of your data management plan. Submit your data management plan to your thesis supervisor.

Why store your data?

To prevent others from pointing the finger at you!

From the point of view of scientific integrity the data that are used in your research should be:

  • verifiable
  • securely stored

A data collection may also be a real treasure trove of information suitable for reuse.

Note that you will always be involved in the archiving and publishing of your data, in accordance with the regulations of your faculty. We suggest that you discuss the possible legal implications of handling your data with your thesis supervisor at an early stage of your research.