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Norecopa - Literature Search: Search tips

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Search Guide

ECVAM Search Guide (see Download Content)



PubMed with incorporated animal filter (SYRCLE)

How to construct a comprehensive search strategy

  • Formulate a specific research question
    In animal models for Alzheimer’s Disease what is the effect of supplementation of omega-3 fatty acids on cognition and neurodegeneration?
  • Determine which elements of the question will be your search components (SC)
    animals, alzheimer, omega 3 fatty acids
  • Make a list of search terms** for every SC containing
    • MeSH term e.g. alzheimer disease[MeSH]
    • synonyms e.g. alzheimer, alzheimer's, alzheimers, dementia
  • Create a search string for each SC using OR between the search terms
    Search string for component Alzheimer at SYRCLE website
  • Perform searches with separate search strings in PubMed
  • Use History (Advanced) to combine search strings with AND. Example