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European Union: National Implementing Legislation: National Implementing Legislation

National Implementing Legislation

EU directives lay down certain end results that must be achieved in every Member State. National authorities have to adapt their laws to meet these goals, but are free to decide how to do so. These laws are referred to as National Implementing Legislation or National Execution Measures.


In EUR-Lex, you can check all the measures taken by national authorities to incorporate EU directives into national law.

Quick search:

  • find the directive in question (example: 2006/66/EC)
  • Click on the tab 'NIM'

A reference to national implementing measures does not necessarily mean that these measures are either comprehensive or in conformity. The national provisions are shown as communicated by the member states.

An example is shown below.

N-Lex was developed jointly by the EU publications office and EU governments and launched on 28 April 2006. As interest in the project has grown, the number of national sites has risen from 4 at the outset to 27 today – with the long-term goal to include all EU countries.

The site offers an interface between you and databases on national legislation.

See for yourself below.