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Embase (English): Basic Search

This LibGuide offers an overview of the various search options of the biomedical database Embase on the Ovid platform.

Basic Search

The default mode in Embase is the Advanced Search. Use Basic Search to search in a Google-like manner for a few relevant articles.

Screenshot Basic Search

What to type in the search bar?

  • search terms, for instance: gene therapy duchenne
  • a question, for instance: Does aspirin prevent heart attacks?
  • the title of an article, for instance: Lifestyle modification for stroke prevention: Facts and fiction
  • boolean operators such as AND, OR, NOT (searches can only be combined in the Advanced Search)

Include Related Terms
When the option 'Include Related Terms' is checked, Embase will also search for synonyms of the entered search terms.

Relevance score 
Results are automatically sorted by relevance. The relevance score is calculated based on how often your search terms appear in the reference.

Demo: Basic Search (3:25)

Info This video demonstrates Basic Search for the database MEDLINE (on the Ovid platform). Basic Search works identically in Embase (on Ovid). The demo can also be played in full screen mode.