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Digital Humanities: DH Support

A guide on DH and DH support at the Radboud University Library

Why DH support?

This page gives information on Digital Humanities support at the University Library.

The term Digital Humanities encompasses the use of a diverse range of digital and innovative research methods in the humanities, including (but not limited to) text mining; network analysis; database building and querying; handwritten text recognition (HTR); working with geographic information systems (GIS), and more. Integrating DH methods in your research or studies means having to learn new skills and getting acquainted with new tools. The Digital Humanities Librarian can assist you in this process.

DH support at the University Library

The Digital Humanities Librarian offers support with using innovative and digital tools and methods in the humanities.

Researchers, lecturers and students are all welcome to use these services.

We offer support with:

  • selecting the right tools for your research question.
  • using DH-related tools.
  • designing a feasible research or thesis project using DH-methods.
  • gathering and preparing source corpora for DH-analysis.
  • presenting and visualizing research data and materials using existing tools.

This support can take many forms, ranging from answering a specific question, to meeting and working together regularly on a project basis.

As a general rule, the University Library focuses on providing advice, resources, and support to get you started, rather than doing the actual manual work for a DH project. Our goal is to help you to be able to use DH methods and tools yourself.

If you need support, have a question, or want to discuss your plans, you can contact the Digital Humanities Librarian (see the contact box at the bottom right side of this page).

Other DH support options at Radboud University

In addition to the DH Librarian, there are more DH support options available at Radboud University.

Humanities Lab

For questions requiring more complicated or extensive use of ICT and programming languages, such as customized database building, creating research software, and custom website creation and hosting, the Humanities Lab at the Faculty of Arts may be able to offer support to researchers.

For more information, see:

RICH DH Coordinator

Researchers affiliated with the Radboud Institute for Culture and History at the Faculty of Arts can contact the RICH DH Coordinator, Roel Smeets, who can offer advice on implementing data-driven methods in a research design, referencing DH in grant proposals, writing research code in Python, and other DH-related issues.


The Digital Humanities Librarian, RICH DH Coordinator, and the Humanities Lab work together whenever possible and complement each other in their support focus. They will make sure your question ends up in the right place, to give you the best and most fitting support available.

Workshop Calendar


We offer support with all kinds of DH-related software and tools.

Currently supported tools are:

We constantly try and evaluate new tools. In case you need help with a tool not listed here, or in case you are still looking for the right tool, then you can also contact the Digital Humanities Librarian.

The Digital Humanities Librarian can also help with simple programming tasks using Python, for instance for text analysis.

Digital Humanities Librarian

Levi Damsma

  Erasmuslaan 36, room 0.11
  (024) 36 16207
  Working days: Monday to Friday