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EndNote X9 Basic course

4.7 Syncing and sharing libraries

Syncing libraries

You can automatically sync (synchronise) your desktop, online, and iPad EndNote libraries so that all the references, attachments, and annotations in one can be accessed from the other.
With your library open, select the sync button or 'Configure Sync' on the left of the screen to get started.
This window will appear:

Sign in with your EndNote Online account or create a new account. If you already have a Web of Science account, use that login to access EndNote Online.
Note: Only one desktop library can be synced to your online account. Configuring sync for a new library will merge the libraries together, allowing you to consolidate multiple libraries with all the original groups as well as the references. If you merge libraries, use the last library you synced as your new library.
Your login credentials will be added at Preferences - Sync.

Sharing libraries or groups

* Before being able to share a library or group it must be fully synced.
* To be able to share an EndNote library or group with colleagues (max. 100 EndNote X7, X8 or X9 users) all invited persons must have or create an EndNote Online account.

When you want to share a library or group with colleagues click on and start searching for people by first name, last name, or email adress. An invitation is then sent by email. Sending reminders is also possible.

Once the others have accepted this invitation, they will be able to access all of the references, PDFs, file attachments, and notes in this shared library or group from their EndNote desktop application.
In order to accept the invitation, one needs to sign in using the same credentials one uses when accessing EndNote Online or syncing a desktop library.
Be sure to enter the same login information that you just used to sign in and accept this invitation.
You can now access the shared library or group from your desktop programme.
Go to File > Open Shared Library.

Everyone sharing a library or group has editing rights.
You can track activities and keep everyone "in the know" via the button with which you can view a history of the changes made by your shared library or group colleagues via an activity feed (up to 500 items).
The feed will show changes made in EndNote desktop or iPad EndNote.
It will not show changes made in EndNote Online.
An item in the feed shows the person related to the activity and a description of the activity.
Clicking an active link in the feed will show the references the activity affected.
Inactive links are informational only (e.g. a new member joining the shared library).