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EndNote X9 Basic course

4.5 Linking to full text / searching for full text

In references you can place links to full text of publications in the URL field.
Often such a link is included if you import references from bibliographical databases.

In the field File Attachments you can place a file (PDF, Word, Excel etc.) you saved on your own PC.
If you click on the right mouse button in this field, you can easily link a PDF to a reference.
This added PDF file is also included in the .DATA directory which belongs to the library.

From within EndNote you can also search whether a full text of a reference in your library can be found on the internet.
You have to adjust some settings (once-only) via Edit – Preferences – Find Full Text

  • Mark the possibilities
  • Type after OpenURL path:
  • Type after Authenticate with URL:

Now you can search for full text of a reference in your library on the internet.
Select a reference in the short title list and click on

You must log in with your RU number and password. On the left you can see whether the search for full text was successful.
If so, the PDF is included in the data folder which belongs to your library
And a link is placed in your reference in the field File Attachments (a paperclip icon will appear).

In EndNote it is possible to determine the availability of publications in a dynamic way.
For this the linking mechanism of the University Library is used.
Again an adjustment (once-only) is needed. See the following steps.

  • In EndNote click on Edit
  • Choose Preferences and then URLs & Link
  • Replace what stands with ISI Base URL by

After this you can link to full text for any reference in EndNote (in short or long presentation) making use of the linking mechanism of the University Library. This goes as follows:

  • Click on References
  • Click on URL
  • Click on OpenURL Link or Open URL

You will then see a screen for the publication concerned or you will be linked directly to the full text.