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EndNote X9 Basic course

2. Creating / opening a library

You open EndNote via the icon on start menu or desktop:

Now you can create a new library or open an existing one. You can do this via File (left top of the screen).

If you create a new one, choose a directory on your PC and choose a name for the library.

More about libraries:

  • An EndNote database with literature references is called “library”.
  • You can make and use more than one library but this is not preferable. Preferably place all references in one library.
    In your library you can create groups and add tags for topics, or tags for chapters in which they will be used.
  • You can take care that EndNote opens with a certain library when you start EndNote. This can be done via Edit – Preferences – Libraries.
  • A library is just a file on your PC. The extension is .enl (EndNote library).
  • Making backups (preferably on another disk) is necessary. This can be done easily via File – Save a copy.
  • With each EndNote library a .DATA directory is automatically made for files which are connected to the library.
    If you make a backup of the library via Windows you must also copy this .DATA.