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EndNote X9 Basic course

Assignment 3

Assignment 3: Connecting to PubMed

You can do this assignment after section 3.5

PubMed is a widely used search system for searching journal articles in the field of medical sciences.
The search system is freely accessible. We connect to PubMed via the connection file which is included in the EndNote software.

  1. Open EndNote and create a new library.
  2. In EndNote use the connection file PubMed (NLM) to establish a connection to PubMed via the button
      or via Tools - Online Search.
  3. Search for references on nursing homes in the Netherlands (type: nursing homes Netherlands)
  4. Place the first 100 references found in the new library.

Have a look at your library:

  • Have the references been imported correctly?
  • Did all the data end up in the right EndNote reference field?
  • Do the references have the correct reference types?