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Data management for students: Data management

English translation of Datamanagement voor studenten

Steps of the data management plan

Should your data be stored?

It would be wise, in any case, to store your data. Faculties have committed themselves to storing their students’ theses. That includes the dataset.

It is essential for you to consider, in an early stage of your research, what data you will evaluate or use in the course of your research and also to estimate what the final size of your data collection will be: after all, terabytes take up a great amount of space (perhaps even too much space).

Sometimes, your data will contain privacy sensitive information (for example in the case of interviews). It would be wise to consider this beforehand and ask those involved for their consent for storing and, if that should be the case, publishing these data.

Where will your data be stored?

Your thesis and the accompanying datasets can be deposited at the Thesis Repository of the Radboud University. Ask your supervisor for the specific procedure that applies to your faculty. For more information about the Thesis Repository please check here (In Dutch only).