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How do I borrow and renew books

How to borrow a book

You may borrow books by retrieving them in the library and take them to the self-service machines. Students of Radboud University can use their student cards as library cards. Staff can have their staff passes activated as library cards at any of the branch libraries. Others can apply for a library card at any of the branch libraries, from Monday through Friday: 8.30AM until 5.30PM.

  Loan Period Renewals Number of items
Students 4 weeks 10 (unless reserved) 29
In addition you may borrow 39 items via Interlibrary Loan
Staff 4 weeks 10 (unless reserved) 99
In addition you may borrow 79 items via Interlibrary Loan
Others 4 weeks 10 (unless reserved) 29


Books that cannot be borrowed are recognisable by the red stripe through the label. Moreover, reference works, loose-leaf publications, bibliographies, legal texts, case law volumes and CIDOR publications cannot be borrowed.

How to renew books

The loan period is four weeks. You can always check the catalogue (Borrower information) to see when you have to return the items you have borrowed. If you want to renew a loan you can do this at once.

You may renew loan items online 10 times. Once you reach that limit, you must bring the items back to a circulation desk to be renewed. Reserves may not be renewed.

How to request an item which is on loan?

If the book you require is already on loan you can place a reservation on it in the catalogue.

You will receive an email when it is ready to pick up. You have 8 days to collect the item.

Items will need to be collected at the library site where the item is located.

Overdue Notices Schedule

Date Notice
5 days before end date of loan pre-overdue notice
items can be renewed online (unless reserved)
1 day after expiration date first overdue notice
11 days after expiration date second overdue notice
your card will be blocked; you can't borrow, renew or request items anymore
21 days after expiration date third overdue notice
35 days after expiration date Overdue items declared lost; billed for replacement

Fine rates

The following fines apply to each item not returned or renewed by the due date:

first overdue notice €1.00
second overdue notice €2.00
third overdue notice €3.00
invoice €3.00 fine + €18.00 administration costs + replacement costs for the book (may vary)


Please note that fine totals of €30.00 or more:

  • will block your card
  • will stop you borrowing, renewing and requesting items