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Reaxys (English): Alerts

Information about Reaxys, a web-based chemical database


To keep updated on the new available literature regarding specific structures or reactions you were looking for, you can create an alert. To do this you must be registered and logged in. (For an explanation on how to do this, see home). These alerts can be created for reactions, substances but also for specific journals or documents. 

How to create and edit alerts see below.
How to create a search query see Quick Search.

Create new alert

Before you can create an alert, you have to execute a search for a specific reaction or product. In the results menu where you have to choose between the different data sets: Reactions, Substances or Documents you can choose to click on Create Alert.

After you have chosen you will be automatically redirected to a pop up screen. Here you can select how you want to name your alert and how frequently you want to receive alert notifications. 

Manage your alerts

It is possible to manage your alerts. By clicking on the icon of the bell in the top right corner of your screen next to your profile, you are directed to the overview.

Here you can find a list of all the different alerts you have created. If there are any new results for a created alert since your last visit you can click on Show New Results to get an overview with all new results from this query. By hovering over an alert it is possible to delete or edit them.