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Library guide Art History: Humanities team

All library services and resources in the field of Art History

Limited services University Library – Humanities team available to help you!

More information about opening hours, borrowing books and studying in the library: Limited services due to corona measures.

The information and collection specialists of Team Humanities work partly in the library and partly from home. We are available for questions and help at

Liaison Librarian for the Humanities Faculties

Ruth Peeters

  Erasmuslaan 36
  (024) 36 12449
  aanwezig: ma, di, do, vr


Ginny van de Steeg's picture
Ginny van de Steeg
  Erasmuslaan 36
  (024) 36 12417
  aanwezig: di, wo, do

Modern languages & Art history

Levi Damsma's picture
Levi Damsma
  Erasmuslaan 36, kamer 0.11
  (024) 36 16207
  aanwezig: di, wo, do, vr

Philosophy, Theology & Religious studies

Daan Keij

  Erasmuslaan 36
  (024) 36 12447
  aanwezig: ma, di, wo, do

Classical languages & History

Monique Schoutsen's picture
Monique Schoutsen
  Erasmuslaan 36
  (024) 36 16199
  aanwezig: ma, di, do, vr