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Library Guide Business Administration & Economics:  Refinitiv Workspace

Sources and tools for finding economic and financial literature and quantitative data

  Eikon for students


If you need to use the Refinitiv Workspace, formerly known as Eikon, please read the information below.

Medio 2022 the database Eikon has been replaced by the Refinitiv Workspace, a more flexible software tool enabling the user to access all the data formerly available in Eikon. Sub-database Datastream is still available as well, through the Refinitiv Excel plugin. Datasets made with Eikon or the previous version of Datastream are compatible with the Workspace.

How to get access? 

1. Apply for a Refinitiv account by sending an email to the NSM data team, Use your Radboud email address, for this database is available for Radboud students and staff exclusively. Please indicate in your message whether you are a student of staff member and why you need access (research topic, variables, sample etc.).

We have a limited number of c. 35 Workspace accounts available.

2. After confirmation of your Refinitiv account, the data team will consult with you for how long you will be assigned a Refinitiv Workspace account + Datastream access. After the end of your timeslot, it is possible to request a reactivation of your Workspace account.

3. Once a Workspace account (or reactivation) is requested for you by the data team, it can take up to 6 hours at the providers' side to process the request. You'll receive a confirmation email once the request is granted.

4. Download the Workspace software here.


 - Keep in mind that in a busy period many people may need the workspace and a timeslot can be limited to e.g. 1 day, always in consultation with the data team.

- Each personal Datastream account has a monthly download limit of 10.000.000 datapoints. For big data requests, please consult the data team. The Workspace/Eikon data does not have a download limitation.

- The Workspace is available for MacBooks and Windows computers. However, the Excel plugin (incl. Datastream) may not work on certain MacBooks. Please contact the data team for possible solutions. 

- If you did not use the Workspace/Eikon/Datastream before or only have limited experience, it is highly recommended to attend one or more data workshops. If no workshops are available, you can plan a personal consultation with a data librarian.

- Instruction material is available on the Refinitiv website and in the help function of the Workspace. The slides of the most recent data workshops of the data team can be found here (bottom of the page) and is still focused on the old Eikon software, which works more or less comparable. Additional instruction material becomes available in the first months of 2023.

We are available for answering all questions about the data(bases):

Best regards,

the NSM data team

Noah Grim, Maarten Gubbels & Jarno Roenhorst