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Library Guide Business Administration & Economics:  Eikon calendar

Sources and tools for finding economic and financial literature and quantitative data

  Eikon for students

Off-campus access to Eikon/Datastream is possible, including remote workshops.

If you like to work on campus with Eikon, we can give 1 person at a time access in the Eikon room (EOS 01.570). Our normal reservation policy applies.


Book Eikon accounts for a 3-hour timeslot by sending an e-mail to State in the subject: 'Eikon reservation'. The access is managed by temporary passwords.

You can see the availability of the accounts below. If you e-mail us, we will check if your booking fits.

For financials and event studies workshops we always book timeslots for all registered participants.

If you have a MacBook and want to use Eikon/Datastream please make this clear when asking for access. The procedure will be different (remote control). Contact us also at when you register for a workshop


Installation of Eikon

  • For support on the installation of Eikon, call 0800 0200 385, the helpdesk of the provider (Refinitiv). This is only applicable if you already requested access through us.
  • After the installation of the software you'll have to enable the 'Refinitiv Eikon Datastream' tab in Excel before you can make use of Eikon/Datastream. Check this link for a walkthrough.


We are available for answering all questions about the data(bases):


Maarten Gubbels, Jarno Roenhorst (SA), Robin Burgers

 Eikon account S2

 Eikon account S4

 Eikon account S3

 Eikon account S5