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Library Guide Business Administration & Economics:  Eikon calendar

Sources and tools for finding economic and financial literature and quantitative data

  Eikon for students


As of Wednesday 1 june 2022 it is no longer possible to make use of the Eikon database by booking a timeslot through the NSM data team. Because we moved to a new and more flexible version of Eikon, the student Workspace.

You can use this tool to access the same data as the 'regular' Eikon and it works more or less the same.
- request a personal account for a longer period that 3 hours. Duration: in consultation with the data team.
- it is no longer necessary to book timeslots.
- the workspace fully works on windows Computers and MacBooks.
- make use of Eikon through a web-version, a desktop version and through Excel (including Datastream) on your own computer.
- data files created with the regular Eikon accounts are compatible with the Workspace and can still be updated.

Because the product is fairly new, we currently have no reference material available. You can contact the data team for questions or a personal instruction. The Workspace also includes a useful 'help' section.
The 'regular' Eikon computers will be unavailable until the ICT service installed the Workspace software on them. 

If you would like to obtain a workspace account, contact the data team through, stating in the e-mail:
- how long you'd like to use the account
- what you need the account for (thesis topic, variables etc.)
Afterward, the data team will get in touch with you to arrange matters.

There are around 40 accounts available, so if the demand is high the duration of an account may be limited to a shorter period in consultation with the data team.

We are available for answering all questions about the data(bases):

Best regards,

the NSM data team

Robin Burgers, Maarten Gubbels & Jarno Roenhorst