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Data management for students: Checklist & Examples

English translation of Datamanagement voor studenten

Checklist for your data management plan

This useful checklist may help you to map out the issues that should be taken into consideration in your data management plan, such as:

  • type of research data
  • hardware and software
  • file formats
  • size of data
  • data management and storage
  • documentation and metadata
  • ethical aspects
  • legal aspects
  • time frame of your research

Data jargon

Raw data = data that has not yet been analyzed, data in the state in which it was collected.

Processed data = data that has been subjected to analysis, from which some variables have been selected or data that has been organized in some other way.

Models = data that have been processed into a computer model, a calculation sample, or a formula.

Logbooks = raw data written down in the course of experiments, observations &c, together with notes and explanations.

Informed consent = a document in which an interviewee gives his or her consent to use and store the interview.

Metadating = supplying terms that will improve the findability of your data, e.g. author, title, type(s) of data, field of research

Naming convention = a standard method to name your files, e.g. name_field-of-research_sample-number_date.

You can find more data jargon here.